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  1. c0nde

    c0nde Member


    I noticed a problem that started happening yesterday. I'm not sure if this is a problem form the Legend or network or anything else.

    I'm receiving SMS 1 or 2 minutes ahead in time... so when I reply... my SMS response will show up in the wrong place in the threaded conversation (above the SMS I responded).

    Has anyone experienced this problem?


  2. Jacev1

    Jacev1 New Member

    I'm having a problem similar, except that all my received messages are actually 4 hours behind in time, making it really difficult to read messages in a threaded view. I've been looking around but still so far unable to find a solution to fix this T__T
  3. anandroiduser

    anandroiduser Well-Known Member

    Do you have a sim-free phone? Or network branded? Where are you also? Got your phone from same location/country as you're using it in?

    All these questions assume that you've already double checked that all your phone time setting are correct.
  4. Jacev1

    Jacev1 New Member

    I'm using a sim card; and I'm not network-branded (which makes it hard for me to get proper customer service -.-).

    I originally bought the phone in Asia and then went back to Canada with it. After looking on my phone again, my time zone is Eastern Daylight, which results in GMT -4hr, and so when I changed my time zone to Casablanca the received messages would be the correct time.

    However, if I kept the time zone in Casablanca my twitter and facebook think it updated -14400 seconds (ie. 4 hours ago).. so I'm looking to see if there's another possible solution.

    When I was still using it in Asia the time stamp was correct, however.
  5. Jacev1

    Jacev1 New Member

    Oh, have you tried to change the time of your phone to a minute ahead so it's "caught up"? I found that when I was playing with times, even if I was just a minute off on the time setting it would turn out wonky on my friend stream and sms.
  6. adi19956

    adi19956 Well-Known Member

    try a factory reset? or different messaging apps?
  7. c0nde

    c0nde Member

    I tried different messaging apps, but it did nothing. After a few days the problem just stopped... I've been receiving SMS with correct timestamp for weeks now.


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