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Receiving text messages problems!!Support

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  1. EricFC

    EricFC New Member

    Ok so I bought my Galaxy s2 (SGH-T989) in January and in late April I started getting problems receiving text messages. The phone doesn't receive them and all of a sudden on some random day I get all of the text messages that never got through(usually get 10+ text msgs when that happens).

    I already talked to T-mobile and they exchanged my phone out in mid may, but now the same problem has come up again. I updated to ICS thinking that would solve the problem but no success. Is there anything that I can do to help fix this problem?? because it's beginning to frustrate me Thanks!! :D

    I dont know if this has any relevance, but my girlfriend and I tend to exchange long msgs and those are usually the ones that don't get through. However, even smaller text msgs don't get through at times.

  2. ArmageddonX

    ArmageddonX Well-Known Member

    It sounds like a reception problem to me. Like you are being sent a bunch of messages, but you are out of range of the towers. Have you looked up your coverage area?

    ~ ArmyX
  3. EricFC

    EricFC New Member

    I checked my coverage and it's excellent. I travel from Houston to Dallas tx, and the same problem occurs in both cities. So i'm not too sure if it's a reception problem.
  4. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    Here are a few things to check on the matter- go into the messaging app and go to settings - there are a few components you definatelly need on in this place. First Auto retrieve messages -to test whether everything is gonna get fixed check Roaming auto-retrieve messages. Go further down and make sure push messages is enabled I don't know how familiar you are with the way messaging works but you need to make the phone ask for the messages from the server. Service loading you can try always and see if they get delivered properly and with the right time stamp.

    Also extend the limit per session from 200 making sure you have enough space to get those messages and your phone does not freak out. Try a combination of these settings and see if something changes drastically. This is really the only thing that I can think that could be going wrong - maybe something got disabled in the options and it simply does not ask for the texts.

    Other than that maybe factory reset hopefully that would put the correct settings on everything but I usually leave this option as a last resort really!
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  5. shusain6

    shusain6 New Member

    Hello EricFC,

    I am experiencing the same problem on my phone. I recently updated my tmobile Galaxy S2 to icecream sandwich and since I updated it, I have been getting problems receiving text messages. Sometimes even very short messages dont come and then they come all of a sudden after a day or two. I have good coverage in my house and I used to get the messages normally before the update. Were you able to solve your text message problem ? If you did, what did you had to do ? I text a lot and this is just making me very unhappy. Please help ! :(
  6. DEET00

    DEET00 New Member

    I've posted this in another forum, but the problem needs to be raised as you guys are having the same problem as me, so here is the post:

    I've just been browsing for the same problem, so I I'm sure you'd like to hear my ongoing issues as it's been a major nightmare for me and it helps to share the knowledge which I've acquired, so I've specifically registered with the forum to explain. I'll try and keep the story as short as possible, but there's a mountain of details, it's been that bad. And the problem has been with texts not so much phone calls not being received, although that has happened to my partner on her iphone4.

    This goes way back to when I first got the Dell Streak (Android). Prior to that I had a Nokia Ngage and I had no problems at all with texts going missing or merged texts. When my partner and I first realised that texts were being missed, which was after only a couple of weeks, we started numbering our texts, which we still continue to do today. Most days would miss texts, but the problem got worse as the weeks went on. She would get my texts but I wouldn't receive all of hers, some days a couple of texts wouldn't come through, other days 15-20. I had three different Streaks which they replaced for me and had the same issue on each one. This was over a period of about 8 months (yes I am patient... well...) and with dozens of visits to the 02 shop and on the phone to customer services. While the Streak was being sent off each time I had to temporarily use my old N Gage, yet there were no problems at all in that time, but when I got the Streak back it started again. Remember, at all times we're numbering texts to see which don't come through and yes we send a lot of texts to each other during the day, maybe 50 - 100.

    My partner even switched phones, to an iphone4 but the problem persisted. I then told 02 I wasn't going to have another Streak and wanted to change phones, which I did, to an HTC HD7 (Windows) and there were no issues at all with it for just less than a year and a half of my remaining contract. However, my contract ended so I was due an upgrade and I got the Samsung Galaxy Note on first day of release (May 11th 2012 I think). In the last four months I've had the same problems as I had with the Dell Streak with missing texts and also, like with the Streak, MERGING texts - A current text cut short and combined with one from weeks ago! I've made many calls AGAIN to 02 (which every time I ring I have to explain the whole thing over and over) and they've been trying all the bog standard fixes, like they did with the Streak, but no success with any of them. It has been elevated through 'Guru' to the technical engineers who have been in contact with me often to try and gather info and 'look into it'. I just want a phone that works!!!

    I've had enough with the missing texts and merging of texts, so last night I demanded they change the phone to a different model. (The HTC One X - Android is coming tomorrow). We also found out that it isn't happening just with my partner's messages not being received, as we found that some of my mam's texts didn't come through either and she is on the same 02 network as me, which eliminates the problem just being with my partner's Orange network and my 02 phone.

    We have literally tried pretty much every trial and error scenario there is and the only similarity with the whole thing is that both the Streak and the Note are Android based. Yes, I'm changing to the One X which is also Android, but we don't know it's Android for sure. However, it it happens again with the new phone I'd put money on the fact that it's something to do with Android software and if it does, I won't be using them again as I know the HTC brand worked great under Windows system.

    It may seem daft, but not receiving texts to your partner can stir up an awful lot of aggro and problems... that I've been ignoring her question, or haven't got back to her in time etc etc... you get the idea I'm sure. The worst has been when arranging times for things when it's not possible to call and we've actually missed events and outings because of it never mind all the 'discussions' after it!!!!! VERY ANNOYING!!!

    I'd advise anyone anywhere to start numbering their texts with their partner or whoever you text regularly for a few months or so just to see if there are any surprises. No-one is going to miss texts like "Went to see Batman and it was excellent", as they are just statements, but "Right, I need picking up at 4.30am please at the airport as my battery is nearly dead and I have no money left for taxi." You're in trouble now...

    It's a big issue and it's an ongoing issue and 02 said they'd never heard of it before. I said to them "well that's worrying me a lot because I had months and months of the same problem with the Streak". If it's happening with me, you can guarantee it's happening to a lot more people as well, but if you don't number them, you just don't know. So you're bang up-to-date, she's only sent 11 texts so far today and numbers 2 and 3 haven't come through, so she's had to resend them. What a joke!!

    I'll keep you posted with the HTC One X when it arrives. (Update: wi fi is awful and drops if a few feet away from router, so it's going back).
  7. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hi DEET00 and Welcome to the forums :ciao:

    Thanks for signing up and sharing your info.

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