Recent 2.3.6 update and battery life

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  1. Ubizmo

    Ubizmo Active Member

    My phone is a rooted Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G.

    T-Mobile US recently pushed out a minor OS update, to 2.3.6. Some people say that this is an indication that ICS is coming soon, but I have no idea about that.

    Anyway, prior to this update, my "idling" battery drain rate was under 3% per hour. That is, if the phone was just sitting on my desk unused, that was about what I got. After the update, this has more than doubled. I'm now seeing 6-7% / hour with no phone usage (or minimal).

    The only significant thing I've changed is the launcher. Prior to the update, I was using Launcher 7; after the update I switched back to TouchWiz.

    It seems odd to me that the native launcher would be so much less efficient, so maybe it's the update itself that's worse. I plan to do some testing of the different launchers, but I thought I'd post this now to see if anyone has any ideas about this.

  2. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    The Blaze will get ICS soon. Try Holo Launcher, might help, very lightweight launcher.

    You might go into battery usage in settings and check to see if something seems unusually power-hungry.
  3. Ubizmo

    Ubizmo Active Member

    Interesting. I went back to Launcher7 today and my battery drain rate immediately dropped back to under 3%/hour. I did try Holo but didn't find it any better on battery than TW. Nice interface though. But I'm not complaining; Launcher7 is fine.

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