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  1. xCirca

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    Aug 3, 2010
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    Hey guys I just got my new HTC incredible a couple of hours ago and I'm reallly trying to figure out what the heck is going on with my reception... its hands down the worst iv ever had. I'm coming from a MOTO Droid and I just took a trip to souh Carolina and on my way downi was using my MOTO Droid and my reception wasnt amazing but it was fine I got my dinc in sc and I'm using it in the way back and I don't have reception anywhere its a joke I don't have the numbers but I had about for hours up and around 40 percent of the up time I had my phone with no signal according to the battery,monitor and it used a massive chunk of my battery.... I did a full reboot w battery out and have updated my roaming towers..... if anyone has any ideas before I return it that'd be great... also the screen is gorgeous but iv noticed its very grainy on text when bit loomed but when I zoomed it looks normal I understand this screen has x54 fewer pixels than MOTO Droid but text was crystal clear and beautiful no matter on my d1.... thanks in advance guys


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