Recommend a FM transmitter & cradle for my car?Tips

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  1. ship69

    ship69 Well-Known Member


    Can you please recommend a good quality FM transmitter & cradle for using my Samsung Galaxy Note in my car?

    It would be nice if it could charge the phone too... but perhaps you cant have everything!

    Basically I just want to be able to listen to music played from my Galaxy Note while I drive. And it would be nice to see the phone held in place. With 10,000,000 Galaxy Note's sold... How hard can this be?(!!)


    P.S. Fwiw, my car is a Honda Accord 2007 and apparently it doesnt have the ability to output music via Bluetooth (although strangely it is possible to use the phone through the car's built in hands free bluetooth connection to the radio... all v confusing so please ignore this bit!)

  2. Doyer

    Doyer Well-Known Member

    I've recommended this arkon car mount before, it works well with the Note; the arms on top and bottom are adjustable so you have room for the audio cable:

  3. ship69

    ship69 Well-Known Member

    Yes, your Arkon car mount looks fantastic as far as it goes.
    But it looks like it doesn't include
    a) a power supply
    b) an FT transmitter so that my radio can hear it.

    With thanks


    P.S. I am now wondering if a portable (but 12volt powered) loudspeaker for my Galaxy Note might be the way forward. That way I wouldnt have to worry about the whole stupid FM signal thing...
  4. ship69

    ship69 Well-Known Member

    What is everyone else using in car?
  5. Galaxynote_guy

    Galaxynote_guy Well-Known Member

    I have an auxilliary input so I run a lead from the headphone 3.5mm socket on the phone to an Aux in 3.5mm socket in the car. Can't be controlled through the steering wheel or anything (Well the volume can but not track selection) but with that massive screen, it's not too hard to hit what I want :D Usually just put it on shuffle and forget about it :D
  6. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    +1 I also use a 3.5mm lead to aux-in in glovebox. And my car also has Bluetooth for phone calls only, very silly.

    Only problem is I can't use the aux socket and charger at the same time as it creates an earth loop which can be heard through the speakers, very annoying.

    If you don't have bluetooth or aux-in then you'd have to go the FM transmitter route. Any FM transmitter which plugs into the 3.5mm headphone socket will work but don't expect great quality.
  7. rcheung28

    rcheung28 Well-Known Member

  8. zc1

    zc1 Well-Known Member

    I have the Arkon cradle to hold my phone. For audio I have a Jabra Bluetooth speakerphone set. It streams anything from my phone to itself (built-in speaker) or to FM radio. This includes music, text messages, phone calls, navigation, etc.
  9. RocketMan007

    RocketMan007 Member

    I use a Bracketron. Mounts using bolts behind the dash fascia. Use a cassette convertor for music. Amazon has them on sale at times. Also, they sale a lot of product in the US at Pilot & Love travel centers. Carriers are large enough for the Note.
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