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  1. I'm eagerly awaiting my Skyrocket to get here on Monday. I've had Android phones in the past. in fact, I've had multiple iPhones and always seem to come back.

    anyways, I was just wondering what apps you guys recommend for the Skyrocket. I'm obviously going to install my normal, everyday ones (Facebook, Netflix, etc) but are there any others that really make using this phone spectacular?!

    also, how are the graphics during games on this phone? I don't really play any intense ones but just curious for future reference.

    thanks guys!

  2. mgbmike

    mgbmike Member

    I'm not really big into games, but I have tried a few. Graphics appear to be acceptable to me.
    As for apps I use Sanity for phone calls. Apex Launcher for home screens and Astro file manager for any file needs. I'm sure you will get many more suggestions.

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