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  1. octanemister

    octanemister New Member

    I'm looking for a recommendation. I have emailed back and forth with roughly 10 people selling what were supposed to be unlocked android dual SIM phones that were supposed to work on any GSM OR CDMA network/carrier in the world, but I am utterly confused because they seem not to know what these criteria mean.

    Here are my requirements:

    1) Android operating system
    2) Works with CDMA
    3) Works with GSM
    4) Unlocked for all CDMA and for all GSM carriers
    5) Can ring simultaneously (or one after the other without changing anything) on both CDMA and GSM (two different numbers)
    6) Brand is unimportant
    7) Preferably would have a physical keyboard
    8) Doesn't matter if it's Chinese/clone
    9) Used would be fine...but as long as it's below $400, I'd be satisfied new/used
    10) Must work on Verizon in the U.S., and also outside the U.S.

    People seem to refer to dual-band as sometimes meaning both CDMA and GSM, and sometimes just two bands within one or the other. Sometimes people refer to "quad band" as both GSM and CDMA, but other times they are just referring to multiple bands within GSM or CDMA. They say phones are "unlocked" but they really mean they are unlocked for any carrier except those in the U.S.

    This has proven unbelievably difficult to find such a phone. If someone can point me to something they know of that's used on eBay or can find something somewhere online, or even just make a model and brand recommendation that would be great! I am not a phone expert by any stretch, and I hope I've come to a high caliber of experts here on this forum who can help me. I come in desperation! By the way, I can't be the only one searching madly for a phone that meets these requirements so there's got to be a business opportunity for someone with that....even if these are available what I'm describing (they have to be!), they sure as hell don't make them easy to find with proper keywords on Google/eBay. ANY help would be truly appreciated. Please help!!!

  2. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    You can't unlock "except for carriers within a given country". A device is either locked or unlocked. What you're describing sounds like an unlocked device that doesn't have the bands for US carriers.

    Dual SIM's aren't supported by the major players from what I've seen. Good luck with it.

    No but that doesn't mean that you aren't still in a tiny minority for those specific requirements.

    Why do you think you need dual SIM support? You'll have many more options in you can use a single SIM device.
  3. spnoe

    spnoe New Member

    Hi O, I also have been looking for a good Android phone and have found the following on Ebay NEW EZIO F9 3G ANDROID 4.0" LCD GPS TV HD SMARTPHONE x | eBay

    The Ezio F9 seems to have a great spec but I can not find any Reviews on this phone. I hope this is helpful.

  4. octanemister

    octanemister New Member

    It's not necessarily specifically dual "SIM" that I need, but I need dual GSM and CDMA active support on the phone. Certain CDMA carriers outside the US DO actually use SIMs. I know experts on this forum may not be aware of that, but it's true. Verizon and the others in the U.S. do NOT use SIMs, obviously. I want to be in Latin America and see a call coming in on my Verizon plan while roaming Verizon CDMA there on my Android phone (Android/Google being the only OS one that supports wirelessly syncing 11,900 contacts that I have and those 11,900 people have my Verizon U.S. number and call me) but then not accept the call (because Verizon charges $2.99/minute to roam where I go) and then call back immediately using my locally acquired GSM SIM without having to flip through the menus. I also don't want to miss out on local calls going to my local GSM number. This can currently be accomplished by having TWO phones in your pocket which is nuisance to lug around. Get it? One reason there may not be more people who express a desire to have this arrangement is that they aren't aware dual GSM/CDMA phones exists, nor dual active SIM, etc.
  5. octanemister

    octanemister New Member

    That is GSM-only phone and highly restrictive and will not work for half the cell phone users in the United States. I am not sure if you were the seller of this phone and just trying to boost the viewers on eBay to take a look at it, but if so that would an epic fail -- my requirements above couldn't be more clearly both CDMA and GSM, and both active at the same.
  6. spnoe

    spnoe New Member

    Hi O, No I am not the seller of this phone and have no interest in promoting it. I am no expert and am not sure what you are trying to achieve. When I looked at the phone mentioned it said WCDMA, so I thought that if you had a dual SIM that you could probably obtain both services. I have since learned that in the USA (I am from the UK) that you do not need a SIM with that particular service.
    I apologies for my ignorance and for sending you on a false trail.
  7. zjerunk

    zjerunk Member

  8. Little Green Robot

    Little Green Robot Well-Known Member

    Haha that phone does not exist. Verizon will not activate a phone on their network that isn't Verizon branded. You basically have 3 choices. The Droid 3, Droid Incredible 2, or Droid Pro.
  9. omitav

    omitav New Member

    The Motorola Glam XT800 is one such phone, see this for more details - .php

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