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Recommended routers?

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  1. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    Search didn't provide any Droid specific answers for me, so here goes:

    My wife and I are looking into getting a router in our house, and I want to steer clear of any that will not work with My Droid. Our other uses will be my PS3 and her netbook. Are there any particular routers that we need to avoid?

  2. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    I don't know about avoiding anything (other than 802.11n routers, Droid doesn't do "n") but I have a Linksys Wireless G that works great throughout the house and my Droid connects easily. Also a very easily secured router.
  3. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!! VIP Member

    I prefer and recommend Linksys routers to all of my clients. They are dependable and work great. I have had my Linksys Wireless G for about 4 years now and haven't had any problems with it.

  4. krichek

    krichek Well-Known Member

    Hopefully it will do N soon, the Droid X and Droid have the exact same radios and the X has support for N. Hopefully someone will pull the drivers from the X and figure out how to make it work on the Droid.
  5. allanlaw

    allanlaw Well-Known Member

    So far, My Droid hasn't met a router that it didn't like - but no "N"s tried.
  6. mplevy

    mplevy Well-Known Member

    I'm using a Linksys WRT54GL with DD-WRT, no problems...
  7. skilaufen

    skilaufen Well-Known Member

    I recently upgraded my router to a LinkSys WRT160N. It is an N router but works fine on the G level also. (My Droid and laptop all use a G router)

    My Droid has worked flawlessly with it and it will work with future phones, laptops, and other wireless N products. I wouldn't get a G router now only because the N routers will work fine and meet any future demands you might have without requiring any upgrading. I offer this IMHO. Good luck and enjoy.:)
  8. cyberclaus

    cyberclaus Well-Known Member

    Your Droid should work on any commercial router. Anything you buy off the shelf today will most likely support 802.11 a/b/g/n. The thing to remember is that it will serve the worst case scenario first. So if you have a laptop on your network that is using 802.11b, then that is the max modulation that the router will select, even if you have a computer/ipod/droid that are N capable. The unfortunate curse of backwards compatibility.
  9. krichek

    krichek Well-Known Member

    Exactly! Which is why I really hope some one can get N working on the Droid at some point. I have a wireless N network setup inside/outside my house using several N routers but keep a router running G specifically for the Droid so it doesn't slow the N network down. I would love to get rid of that as it's just one more thing to keep track of.
  10. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    After crapping out on a Netgear, we ended up with a Linksys N/G router (I don't recall which model offhand), which set up like a charm on everything we have, with range outside as well as in. I'm a happy camper. :)

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  11. mplevy

    mplevy Well-Known Member

    For the record, you CAN get routers that have 2 radios in them to allow for you to run an N and a G at the same time. This is mainly useful for streaming multimedia but it could be used in a case where you have a phone with only 802.11G and PCs that can run 802.11N.

    The Linksys E3000 and WRT320N are 2 examples of these...
  12. BucYouUp68

    BucYouUp68 Well-Known Member

    I have a Dlink DIR-825 N, No Problems Connecting in G Mode. Great Router, just dont update the firmware, It SUCKS. And there Customer service is worse. Heed my advice, or you will be sorry.
  13. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    I have a D-Link DGL4500 that I was running in mixed N and G mode, but to increase my performance on the N capable devices (and get my full 300 Mbps) I opted to bring my D-Link DGL-4300 (a/b/g) out of retirement and make it a secondary device.

    Now, I am able to connect to the network using my DROID through the 4300, and my N-capable laptops (Tablet and DT replacement 18" monster aptly named Behemoth) through the N router, along with numerous wired devices, and numerous other G devices on the 4300, and all works well.

    Basically, you need to figure out whether you really need the speed or not, and if you want ot future proof or not. If all of your devices are G, then buying a rock solid G router is right up your alley, but if you foresee having devices (in the near future) that require N, then you might want to consider a dual radio device as mentioned above.

    Oh, and for the record - my 4300 is over 5 years old now and still kicking....
  14. nightelvesreasy

    nightelvesreasy Well-Known Member

    noob question, how is everyone tethering their phone to the router?
  15. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    I set it up using wifi. Entered my router's WPA password one time and the Droid remembers it and connects every time I'm home.
  16. nightelvesreasy

    nightelvesreasy Well-Known Member

    ahh ok, i was thinking of something different, my droid connects to my router automaticly wirelessly, no setup or anything, yeah its been a long day and i wasnt thinking clearly lol, here i was thinking you were tethering internet from your phone to the router, and whatever else is connected, my bad. (damn i need sleep)
  17. deronee

    deronee Member

    I will probably get hammered for this but I use the Apple extreme base router. I bought it used and I highly recommend it as I've had it for two years with zero issues. I live in a two story home and set up my router in the basement and I have internet service throughout the house. Additionally, it is easy to set-up; just connect your router to an outlet and install the router via CD that is included and presto!
  18. biz79

    biz79 New Member

    My cousin had a lot of problems with his droid and his apple router, mostly losing connection and stuff. I haven't asked if they're resolved now after updates, but glad to know that they work fine for other people.

    I can vouch for the Linksys WRT54GL (dd-wrt or not) - Best G router on the market. I own 2 of them (running dd-wrt) and my Droid is happy with both. I would definitely research/look at N routers though since eventually they will be the standard and it's probably had enough time for the tech to mature. Most should be backward compatible with G.


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