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Record Calls

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  1. antol11

    antol11 Member


    My samsung captivate is on order through Letstalk and I should have it early next week. In the meantime maybe someone could answer a question of mine. Does the captivate have a built in app for recording your phone calls?


  2. arsen

    arsen Member

    id like to know allso, this app comes in handy for me.
  3. getDange

    getDange Well-Known Member

    You guys should really give that forum search feature a try.

    phone conv recording may be considered wiretapping in your state and can be illegal. So these days this feature is removed from most phones. you have to install some garbage from the market to record calls, but it does not make it any more legal provided your state has laws against it.
  4. sparker366

    sparker366 Well-Known Member

  5. antol11

    antol11 Member

    I wanted to know in particular, if the Captivate happened to have it's own built in call recording app. I did do a search a found nothing in regards to the Captivate. I know of most of the other apps from the market but the problem is that they record the other caller through the microphone and or have bugs/problems. I was hoping that the captivate might be able to record the audio stream directly. Probably not but I figured I'd ask.

    And I wouldn't mind an automated message stating the the call is being recorded which would no longer be illegal. It's just so convenient to be able to record the call if your driving or walking around. Google voice is half way there but only works on incoming calls.
  6. getDange

    getDange Well-Known Member

    ^^^ I remember 10 years ago my dumb phone had a menu option for recording a call, it would just emit a beep into the line to let the parties know the call is recorded. I think Google is removing this feature to avoid law suits. If Google does it with a message "your call is being recorded" that means Google will put an API into Android for this to work, and then the API can be exploited by third parties to produce call recorders that do not give this message? Well let's hope XDA guys will address this at some point and find a way to record calls.
  7. c2k

    c2k Well-Known Member

    The android OS thrives off of market applications. You just have to find the one that does what you want. Regardless of whether its built into the captivate or not (which I dont think it is), that program is still using the same microphone to record audio as a built in program would. Search around for a good market app
  8. Not correct, there are some hardware limitations. Read the issue I linked above.

    Unless you're into recording some crappy audio...
  9. sfalk123

    sfalk123 New Member

  10. mnemonicj

    mnemonicj Well-Known Member

    Recording calls on most states is legal if one of the parties on the call knows it is being recorded. In some states, like California, all parties have to know that the call is being recorded. In all states it is unlawful, unless a warrant is provided, to record a phone call where none of the parties on the phone are aware the call is being recorded.

    Check out this chart: "Can We Tape?"

    I used to record calls from my boss on my work cell phone without requesting his consent because the call originated and terminated in a state that does not require all parties on the call to know the call is being recorded. I recorded the calls because my boss would call me on my hour long trip to the client site and give me instructions on what I needed to do during the day. I couldn't pull over on the highway and write them down, so I recorded the call and replayed it when I got to the customer site and could safely take notes. I then deleted the recording of the call.

    NOTE: I am NOT a lawyer and this is NOT legal advice. If you need legal advice on recording calls, contact a lawyer.
  11. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    Interesting... my state is the only one without a single checkbox. Not sure how to interpret that.
  12. mnemonicj

    mnemonicj Well-Known Member

  13. Story on recording..
    My ex-wife tried to take my kids during our divorce (this was in Alabama). When we got to my lawyer's office, he pulled out all the audio tapes of the conversations of her & her friends discussing when and where to exchange/buy drugs as well as video of her in the house doing drugs when the kids were there. When she and her lawyer cried fowl, my lawyer "gently" reminded them both that the house was in my name, as was the phone line. As such, I could record ANY conversation on that line whether I was a party in the conversation or not. If it hadn't been in my name, I'd have to be a party in the conversation to legally tape it. My ex and her lawyer "graciously" bowed out and agreed to all my demands.

    Moral of the story - KNOW your rights and NEVER try to play chicken with a Navy Intelligence Specialist when it comes to gathering information on you, especially if you're trying to take his kids! :)

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