Record phone calls in Android phone from another mobile phone.

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  1. Kerido

    Kerido New Member

    Samsung galaxy s3.
    As the title says, is there any app by which I can record phone calls on my Samsung Galaxy s3, but the calling will be done on another phone. So both phones connected with bluetooth, can a app this happen? which one?

    In short, can I record phone calls of another phone through bluetooth on my Samsung Android which will be connected to that phone?

    thank you. see you friends.

  2. dhanaiahk

    dhanaiahk New Member

    I tried several apps in Galaxy S2 to record the call and store in the phone memory card itself, but none of them worked correctly. Still searching for a good app.

  3. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    I doubt this is possible. Illegal most places anyway unless you have the caller's permission.
  4. Kerido

    Kerido New Member

    Anyway it is not possible unless the bluetooth of both phones is registered.
    No, I am not talking about spying others. I am talking about recording the conversation of my own second phone, into the S3 by bluetooth. Other phone is an old one. And S3 does not have dual sim, or I would have done the work in S3 itself.
  5. OpenSource101

    OpenSource101 Member

  6. Kerido

    Kerido New Member

    I was talking about an app for recording calls on other device through bluetooth. and woww... as you people are saying, there is not even a good app to record calls in the same phone. What is with the Android? People are propagating it as the best and conventional system. And here it is, no one has made a good working app for recording calls, which is wanted by almost 99.9% of phone users.
    Same thing with other apps, people complaining about no good app for this and no good app for that. What is Android worth for its propoganda then?
    So you say, this app is so far the best for recording calls?
  7. alfredjarry69

    alfredjarry69 Active Member

    Well, your query is quite complicated. I don't know such way through you can record the conversation of another phone but i will give you the name of few application through which you can record the conversation of your phone. Record My Call, Total Recall Call Recorder, Automatic Call Recorder, all these mentioned applications is available in Google play. Try it, it may give you some relief. Don't forget to share your experience.
  8. hirap1234

    hirap1234 New Member

    You don't have to put it on speaker to get clear voice both sides. This app works better than what is given in the description! you can also turn off the notifications! This is the one and only app which works perfectly all the time. I set the audio source to 'phone call' and it clearly records both sides of the calls. Must try this out, works perfectly on galaxy!

  9. rafian

    rafian Active Member

    I am also looking for a simple record-phone-call application for my Galaxy S3 and it is surprising that there isn't any good application to record phone calls for free. You have to try several apps from the play store and figure out if there's anything that actually works for you. It kinda sounds crazy. On my old Nokia E51 I could just press the side button and whenever I wanted to record a call.

    This whole android thingy is just keeping customers very busy - making them try out many apps for basic functionality and also pay for some. By the time we figure out everything it would be time to get the next phone. And then the cycle would repeat.
  10. justtom

    justtom Well-Known Member

    My cheap $250.00 Warp has record calls option built in just simply hit menu record and its done i have recorded calls over one hour long then moved them over to my computer to put on disks.If You did not purchase a phone with that option then simply download the app mentioned or this one.Also there are many Apps that will record its just a matter of you finding the one that works for you.Now just move your recordings from one phone to the other thru your computer i dont know of a way to do it wirelessly other then mailing it to your second phone or possibly sharing it thru dropbox.

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