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  1. Wolvie66

    Wolvie66 Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to record a phone with the Samsung Note 2 phone?


  2. miraxi

    miraxi Member

  3. robinhood1982

    robinhood1982 Member

    Total recall works spotless on my n2.. records both sides of conversation from the actual phone line and not through the mic / speaker so crystal clear recording. .
  4. phonedroid

    phonedroid Well-Known Member

    The free version of androrec probably also works. Androrec won't record your side of the conversation if you switch to bluetooth or speaker phone but it doesn't seem to mind a corded headset (tested last night). Androrec records every call. It's interface has an easy to use delete function, useful since most calls should be deleted because they are harmless.
  5. OpenSource101

    OpenSource101 Member

    I like to use RecordiaPro - It does cost a few dollars but it gives me the piece of mind that I know it's going to record every single time. Too many glitches with the apps, I do this for my business so it's more than worth it.

    I can also spoof my caller ID, and if need be I can create a fake number (like GV) in any area code.
  6. phonedroid

    phonedroid Well-Known Member

    does it start and stop automatically? Does it get both sides with speaker phone and bt headsets?
  7. AlwaysAngry

    AlwaysAngry Well-Known Member

    i use ng call recorder. you can choose the source for recording but i never tried it with bt, i don't have a bt device. also, you can choose auto-record or push a button to record on the call screen. and you can choose how long to save calls, it will auto delete old recordings at the interval you choose or keep forever.
  8. miraxi

    miraxi Member

    I can switch during a call to speaker phone, only thing what it does to recording is that opposite side voice volume is recorded a bit louder.
  9. orion88

    orion88 Member

    I use Auto Call Recorder (free version) for now, and so far it seems to work. I haven't had the chance to try out all modes yet.
    From what I've read, all these apps record whatever the microphone picks up (therefore the other side can be pretty quiet at times), unless you install a mod on a rooted phone, where you can record the input straight from the "phone line". (If I'm wrong, as I'm a "young droid" for now :) , correct me.)
  10. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    I know by law you must have the other parties permission to record the phone call.
    Do any of you actually do that or just record leaving the other party unaware?
  11. orion88

    orion88 Member

    I believe this is a technical discussion of what can and can't be done. This is a global forum, laws and regulations vary, so let's leave the legality aspects elsewhere (such as some iPhone forums, from what I remember). ;)

    Also inflation and invading other countries is illegal, but the populace still allows it (I wonder for how long...).
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  12. soulstlr

    soulstlr Disabled

    actually this is not true...
    you happen to live in one a few states that require "two party notification" to record phone conversations.
    this means that you would have to notify the other party that a recording was indeed taking place.
    the balance of other states merely require "one party notification" meaning that if you know you are recording (duh) this will, in a court of law, satisfy the requirement.
    i frequently record conversations, not out of paranoia, but simply as a tool to cross reference what a client says initially and what they perhaps wish they had said when it comes time to ante up...

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