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  1. an9elfyre

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    Calling all Android experts out there!!! I uploaded pictures from my Android phone onto my iPhoto (yes, I know, you can roll your eyes:) and as soon as they appeared on iPhoto, I deleted the pictures from my Android phone. Then, as soon as I started opening tthe pictures, iPhoto then blocked the process "saying" that "The volume for

  2. Nameo

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    Hi, I just thought I'd quickly answer this for you incase you haven't already found it somewhere else.

    First: Don't take any new photos or copy anything new to your phone.
    Second download a program called Recuva and install it.
    Plug your phone it using USB transfer mode (Not Kies or MTP), this is found in settings.
    Third once you can see the phones HDD as a removable HDD in windows explorer (i.e. drivers have finished installing) Start up recuva. Be sure to restore to a different HDD. E.G. restore to C:, NOT your phone!
  3. jimmygumop

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    The best way to recover deleted photos from samsung galaxy S phone and SD card is to use some data recovery software. The best way is to follow step by step guide, here's a good one:
    Samsung galaxy data recovery

    Take note that you should stop using the phone SD card to avoid data overwritten which could overwrite the files and make them unrecoverable.

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