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  1. giant89

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    Sep 10, 2010
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    my friend unsuccessfully tried to enter the swipe password thing and now i require the gmail account i set up for the market and i dont know it nor can i recover it. any ideas what i can do???

  2. rosered

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    Jul 4, 2010
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    Yes and its not what you are probably going to want to hear. You have to do a repair/reset via Sony Ericsson Update Service, downloadable from the Support section of their website if you haven't got it. It will remove all saved data on the phone as it is basically a factory reset. Your SD card should be unaffected.

    Someone did report that typing null as your password worked but I have since heard others say that doesn't work.

    To be fair I answer this question on a daily basis it seems so you are far from the only one who has done it. I wouldn't touch the pattern unlock with a barge pole knowing how much trouble people have had. No help to you at the mo tho.

    Good luck and hope you get sorted.

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