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  1. getitnowmarketing

    getitnowmarketing Well-Known Member Developer

  2. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    What exactly is recovery for? And if the commando is screwed up to a point, you can't boot into recovery to fix it.
  3. getitnowmarketing

    getitnowmarketing Well-Known Member Developer

    Its required to flash a custom rom. Maybe now we will see some roms pop up for commando.
  4. paxchristos

    paxchristos Well-Known Member

    If someone makes a nandroid backup before futzing with their phone, it can save you alot of pain if you screw it up...
  5. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    Ok, well I'm a n00b to smart phones, with this being my first one. What benefits come from a custom ROM? And if you can't boot into recovery, what good is a backup?
  6. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    Any chance of finding a 2.2.1 recovery for commando?

    2.3.3 is slow and more bloated than ever, VERY slow even after rooting and stripping it down.

    I would love to go back to 2.2.1!!!!!!!!!
  7. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    Thank you for this!!!!!!!
  8. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    Ok, in instructions for alot of things I'm seeing, if you mess up, you may have to reboot into recovery and reflash your ROM. If you can't reboot into recovery, then how can you reflash your ROM?
  9. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member


    Have you installed the recovery? If so, can you actually do anything with it - i.e how do you select anything from the recovery menu?

    The stock recovery, such as it is, is useless because there aren't any buttons that select anything.
  10. matt8508

    matt8508 Member

    anyone try this yet...would really like to see a ROM for this phone
  11. 4DAIVI PAI2K5

    4DAIVI PAI2K5 Well-Known Member

    So can this be used on the commando or not?
  12. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

    It can in theory, with great risk...

    Being able to boot to recovery from off gives us the ability to fix almost anything we do to the phone. Since the Commando doesn't allow this, you have to boot to recovery from a powered on state. If you really screw the phone up (like with a failed rom installation or a corrupted file), you won't be able to do boot into recovery and will have a paperweight.

    That being said, has anyone been able to get this installed? does not exist anywhere on my phone. Flash_image does not download as a zip, it has no extension. Adb will not move it because it says it does not exist. The flash_image from the older version does download as a zip and it can be moved. Since its 60 kb smaller I don't think it is the right file. Trying to flash from adb gives a single error, flashing from terminal gives a screen full of errors and then says it failed.

    I hope I am just doing something wrong...
  13. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    No sir. Not tried....yet.

    I plan to do some more still not sure how to do it or what I need.

    If you can't do it I am pretty sure I have zero chance of success.
  14. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member


    When I thanked the author I had not yet read through the thread.
    I was thanking them for making progress.

    Now that I have tried to understand the "instructions", I realize I have no idea what part of that post is instruction and what part is just general discussion.

    I am sure I am not up to the task because, to me, that post may as well be a foreign language. I have no idea what the author is talking about.

    My phone lacks the file you mentioned as well.
  15. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    Correction! does exist on my 2.3.3 Commando, just where the instructions say:
    In the /system/etc folder.

    What is this /dev/block/mtdblock2? Is it a folder or a file?
  16. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

    My phone does not have it. I do not know why. The mtdblocks are flash memory or how memory is managed in a linux device.
  17. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    You want a copy of mine?
  18. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

    No, I don't think I need it. The directions call for the renaming of it anyhow. I just wonder why I don't have one in the first palce.
  19. getitnowmarketing

    getitnowmarketing Well-Known Member Developer is an evil script that will overwrite recovery with the stock one. That file only exists on phones that have done an OTA update. Like the directions state if its not found move on. If it there it has to be removed.
  20. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    So anyways, for those of us not so tech savvy, when will we see custom roms and will it be easy to install them? I mean it took me like 45 mins just to root 2.3.3
  21. getitnowmarketing

    getitnowmarketing Well-Known Member Developer

    I updated the install of recovery to make it easier via a script. See 1st post in thread linked above and of course it requires root to do.
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  22. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

    Recovery installed and working on my Commando.
  23. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    ...heh heh.. (oh)... THAT..commando...
    .........oops, my bad....
  24. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

  25. getitnowmarketing

    getitnowmarketing Well-Known Member Developer

    Now that I gave you guys that ability its up to the commando community to make the roms.

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