Recovery Problem?

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  1. Jsta

    Jsta Member

    I had CTmod and did a factory reset. Afterwords Market wouldn't download anything, said I had insufficient space on my phone.
    So I cleared the cache, didnt work.
    Booted into recovery, wiped cache there, didnt work.
    I booted into recovery again, and recovered to my first back up.
    when I did this it said could not find recovery img sd-ext. should I be concerned? Everything seems to be working fine now.

  2. Jsta

    Jsta Member

    Update: I flashed Marky Beats V2. and now have the insufficient space message again.
  3. Jsta

    Jsta Member

    Wiped my sd card, and set partition with ROM manager, everything's working again.
  4. cjreyes666

    cjreyes666 Well-Known Member

    If that happens again just clear data from Google service framework then reboot

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