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  1. martinez41613

    martinez41613 Well-Known Member

    Hello Peoples! I bring y'all CWM Touch Recovery! I can't take credit because all I did was build it using ClockworkMod builder and Interloper's recovery.fstab & graphics.c files so credit goes to him & Koush.​

    What works:
    - Same as Interloper's Recovery​

    Link: Here

  2. xInterlopeRx

    xInterlopeRx Well-Known Member Developer

    Sweet bro! Good for everyone! thanks.:D
  3. madgene2659

    madgene2659 Member

    Just downloaded any installed working great thank you for your hard work
  4. siyangqiu

    siyangqiu Well-Known Member

    So... how do I flash this thing? Thanks btw!
  5. madmikess

    madmikess Well-Known Member

    I flashed from cwm recovery. Works nice, props for this build, nicely done.
  6. shyFluttershy

    shyFluttershy Well-Known Member

    Hey, everyone. I just took the plunge and rooted my phone. Now I suppose is the time for me to make a backup of the state my phone is in.

    I downloaded cwm-touch-iconvmu-signed.zip to my PC and unzipped it. Do I simply copy the entire folder to my phone's card? And then what?

  7. AlexRayquaza

    AlexRayquaza Well-Known Member

    At shyfluttershy, you aren't supposed to unzip.
    Put the entire unzipped file on your external on flash through recovery.
  8. shyFluttershy

    shyFluttershy Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure I understand how to flash it through recovery. Isn't this the recovery I'm trying to install?

    Also, does this do the same thing as Nandroid Backup and Titanium Backup? I guess it's a matter of "you can't have too many backups"?

  9. AlexRayquaza

    AlexRayquaza Well-Known Member

    You can flash a new recovery through recovery.
    Sounds strange but it works.
    This also makes nandroid backups.
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  10. shyFluttershy

    shyFluttershy Well-Known Member

    Could you please explain how to do that, because now I'm confused.

  11. AlexRayquaza

    AlexRayquaza Well-Known Member

    Just download that recovery zip, boot into recovery, then flash.
  12. hotjupiter

    hotjupiter Member

    To flash anything in recovery u need to leave it zipped.
    Know the location of the file first and the name of it.
    Then reboot into recovery.
    If your already backed up , wipe data/ factory reset (optional but recommended)
    Then install zip from sdcard
    Choose zip from sdcard or external sdcard (depends on where the zip is)
    Locate it and install
    It will do the rest.
  13. AlexRayquaza

    AlexRayquaza Well-Known Member

    It is just like how back on the Samsung galaxy s, you would.have to root then boot into recovery,then flash the clockworkmod recovery zip, then reinstall packages and boom
    CWM recovery. :)
  14. shyFluttershy

    shyFluttershy Well-Known Member

    I'm new to smart phones, so I have nothing to compare this to.

    I thought this is for making a backup of my phone's state. I'm not looking to alter anything right now.
  15. AlexRayquaza

    AlexRayquaza Well-Known Member

    It is but, you have you have to flash this then you can make a back up.
    Without it, you can't make a full partition backup.
  16. shyFluttershy

    shyFluttershy Well-Known Member

    Booting into recovery mode is power + volume up ?
  17. shyFluttershy

    shyFluttershy Well-Known Member

    Seriously, help! I cannot figure out how to boot into recovery mode. Power + Vol Up just raises the volume and gives me the "do you want to power down or reboot?" menu. Similar results with Power + Vol Down. I've tried Power + Vol + Home and all THAT does is take a screen shot!
  18. hotjupiter

    hotjupiter Member

    there are apps that will boot u into recovery mode like rom toolbox or rom manager. but u need to hold the volume key and power button when ur phone is off. power down first then hold the volume up and power button until it starts booting. volume down and power i think is the download mode if that shows up just exit it since u aren't using odin or equivelant.
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  19. shyFluttershy

    shyFluttershy Well-Known Member

    Ah-ha! Thank you!

    Now I want to select "apply update from external storage"?
  20. shyFluttershy

    shyFluttershy Well-Known Member

    Well, I tried that, and it failed. I know the CWM file is on my external SD card. I can see it just fine when my phone is on normally and I go in through My Files. I don't know what the problem is here.

    Choose a package to install:


    E:failed to mount /sdcard (Invalid argument)

    So not only is it not seeing the external SD card, it's not seeing anything.

    I tried "apply update from cache" and got a similar lack of anything.

    Choose a package to install:


    All of those directories are seemingly empty as well.
  21. AlexRayquaza

    AlexRayquaza Well-Known Member

    /sdcard is you internal storage
    You'll have to go down a few option in the "install zip from SD card menu"
    You will see install from SD but if you go down a few options you will see "install from external SD"
    Hope that clarifies something.
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  22. AlexRayquaza

    AlexRayquaza Well-Known Member

    Also the apply update from cache is only necessary if you have downloaded an ota that you can seem to regularly install.
  23. shyFluttershy

    shyFluttershy Well-Known Member

    This is what I get when I boot into recovery:

    Android system recovery <3e>

    Volume up/down to move highlight;
    power button to select.

    reboot system now
    apply update from external storage
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    apply update from cache

    -- Appling Multi-CSC...
    Applied the CSC-code : VMU
    Successfully applied multi-CSC.

    Do you think I could try doing this via ClockworkMod Rom Manager? According to the screen shot on its Google Play page, "Flash ClockworkMod Recovery" is a thing it can do.

  24. bkttk2

    bkttk2 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Do not use Rom Manager. You need to use Odin to install the CWM recovery. For Odin you need to be in download mode. Assuming you are rooted you can install a terminal app from play store. Then do the following.
    1. Open terminal app
    2. Type 'su' - no quotes
    3. Type 'reboot download'

    Phone will reboot into download mode. You can then use Odin to install CWM recovery.

    The above will also work to access recovery by typing recovery instead of download.
  25. shyFluttershy

    shyFluttershy Well-Known Member

    I am in fact rooted as of yesterday. :) (Note to self: Go make sure you thanked mystichunter.)

    I'm installing Heimdall now. :D (I divide my time roughly 50/50 between Windows and Ubuntu, and my weekends are all Ubuntu.) Hopefully this will make my computer properly recognize my phone when I plug it in. (On Windows, I plug in my phone and I can see the files it lets me see easily. On Ubuntu, I plug in my phone and it says that I've plugged in a camera, does it want me to open my music player, and it won't properly access the files.)

    With regard to using Odin/Heimdall, does it matter at what point I plug my phone into my computer? That is, should it be plugged in before I begin, or ought I wait until a certain point to plug it in, etc?

    Does it matter which terminal app I get?

    Why shouldn't I use Rom Manager?

    Thank you.

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