Recovery_Clean Time Calculator (days)

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  1. cmoreride

    cmoreride New Member

    Clean Time Calculator
    Some people in Recovery state the number of days clean or sober they have
    Here is a link to a web based Clean Time Calculator so it's behavior can be observed.

    3w's chicagona dot org/clean_time_calculator

    Uses, user input clean time date and today date to calculate the number of days
    clean, adjusting for leap years and any other things I don't have clue about.

  2. phth

    phth New Member

    Did you ever find an app that does this? Or did someone already create it for you? If not I can probably do it.
  3. sirisfir

    sirisfir New Member

    Please let me know if you still need it. If yes, I will write this application for you.

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