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  1. 02955i

    02955i New Member

    Hi all,

    My previous phone would vibrate or produce an audible alert at a predetermined interval (every 5 minutes, 10 minutes etc.) when I had an unread text, new voicemail or missed call notification.

    My LG enlighten will produce an alert when the initial call/text/voicemail first occurs, but if I happen to miss the text or call the phone will remain silent and I have to visually check the phone to discover the unread notification.

    Is there a way for the phone to vibrate or sound a recurring alert until the unread notification is read? I find it highly annoying to have to constantly check the phone and would prefer it vibrate/beep every 5 minutes or x time in the event that I miss a call/text.

    I've looked all over the manual and can't find anything like this, can anyone help?


  2. stormishelley

    stormishelley Active Member

    sure is! go to messages, press your menu button, tap on settings, scroll allllll the way to the bottom and tap on 'alert reminder' and you can choose between once, every 2 mins, every 15 mins, or off. hope that helps!
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  3. 02955i

    02955i New Member

    YES! Thank you so much stormishelley :)
  4. stormishelley

    stormishelley Active Member

    no problem. glad i could help.
  5. LensiJ

    LensiJ New Member

    I did this but it still doesn't do a alert every 2 minutes like I asked it too!

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