Red & Black Replacement Battery Covers!Accessories

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  1. cortland1998

    cortland1998 Well-Known Member

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  2. TaylorPelletier

    TaylorPelletier Active Member

    solid find, thanks for posting it up! let us know when you get it so we can immediately request pics
  3. qwho

    qwho Well-Known Member

    They should make a black one out of that shiny plastic that would bee pretty cool.
  4. blue rocket

    blue rocket Well-Known Member

    SICK DUDE! the red cover is the original one shown in all the pre-released leaked photos. ordered!
  5. jj3699

    jj3699 Well-Known Member

    Solid find, but it is says that it come with a black camera ring???
    How does that work, are our rings and glass that easy to remove??
  6. eyc

    eyc Well-Known Member

    The pictures look suspiciously sloppy and, as jj3699 notes, the covers come with silver or black camera rings.....what? Are those rings attached to the covers? Anyway, I'll stay tuned to see what comes of this. Thanks OP for the find.
  7. Randino

    Randino Well-Known Member

    that red one has the speaker cut out in a different spot
  8. cortland1998

    cortland1998 Well-Known Member

    I ordered one as well so I'll keep you guys posted. In talking with the company.. they are not attached to the case. I know this because I have taken mine apart and they are all separate pieces. He also confirmed this with me. The whole reason I'm ordering is to replace my broken glass that covers the camera lens.
  9. htcbwb

    htcbwb Well-Known Member

    Any word on the ring? Did it come with the glass lens cover also? Thanks!
  10. cortland1998

    cortland1998 Well-Known Member

    I actually forgot to place my order last week... I did end up placing it a couple days ago so I will let you know once I get it.
  11. JorusAton

    JorusAton Member

    This looks really cool... I bought a M2 mount by Soundgate for my car... and it requires you to put an adhesive mounting on the back of the device to be mounted.

    It's a great mount system, but I wasn't too keen on putting the mount on the actual phone, OR buying a case.

    With a replacement back, this might do the trick! There aren't any other replacement backs are there...?
  12. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    A good resource to have, just hope i won't need it....
  13. blue rocket

    blue rocket Well-Known Member

    I got mine... It's the legit real deal. Even came with some of the internals and red rocker switches. I'm probably going to order a bunch of these, they've got to be leftovers from the preproduction models.
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  14. eyc

    eyc Well-Known Member

    Is the red/orange cover hard, glossy, plastic? Could you please take a couple pictures? I would really like to see what this looks like. Also, the website says that it comes with a "camera ring." What exactly is that? Is it a full camera lens?

    Much appreciated.
  15. blue rocket

    blue rocket Well-Known Member

    I'm away for the 4th of July weekend but will post pics when I'm home!
  16. JorusAton

    JorusAton Member

    Please do - I'd like to see these / compare how nice these are next to the ones that are included.
  17. Diabl0

    Diabl0 Well-Known Member

  18. cortland1998

    cortland1998 Well-Known Member

  19. UHF3

    UHF3 Well-Known Member

    A quick question for those that have order one and received it already. How long did shipping take? I ordered one on the 9th and I'm dying to get it!!!!
  20. cortland1998

    cortland1998 Well-Known Member


    I got mine in 8 days.. factor in the 4th of July holiday weekend... Probably a week at most.</P>
  21. kevinbakon

    kevinbakon Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried swapping out the volume rocker, power button & usb port?
  22. UHF3

    UHF3 Well-Known Member

    Thank you sir. I figure mine should be here on the 20th.

  23. jrmckins

    jrmckins Well-Known Member

  24. x0x

    x0x Well-Known Member

    Mine shipped on the 8th and came in today. Unfortunately I wasn't here to sign for it (requires sig at delivery) so picking it up tomorrow at the post office. Interested to see how it looks in-the-flesh.

    Not going to mess with replacing the black rockers with the red ones. From what I can tell, that would require removing the 4 screws at the corners of the phone and some disasembly (could be wrong though) and I'm not ready to void my warranty just yet. Plus I think I'll like the red/black contrast.
  25. kevinbakon

    kevinbakon Well-Known Member


    Also, I just received my red cover & I have to say I love it.
    As I had read from the original test phone comments, the RED color is awesome and not orange at all!

    Oh yeah, one more thing, within minutes of getting my red back on the phone, the "h" on the back came off, so apparently the chrome "htc" is as poorly applied as the one that came with the phone.

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