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  1. Armadillo7

    Armadillo7 Member

    I have a Huawei u8652 (AT&T Fusion, same as a Sonic I think) with Android 2.3.4.
    When I turn it on, instead of the AT&T boot screen I get a red, green, blue screen. After a few seconds it goes to the usual second AT&T screen and then to the phones home screen. The phone seems to work. Only been using it for a week when it started doing this on Sunday.
    I removed the battery for a few minutes, but did not make any difference. Tried a different SD card, didnt make any difference.
    Is this the "screen of death"? Any way I can fix this? Or should I just ignore it since the phone still works?
    Here is what it looks like-

  2. Lebo

    Lebo Well-Known Member

    Hurray! A fellow AT&T Fusion owner!

    The image that this red/blue bit is replacing is part of the rom and can be replaced/restored with a bit of effort. If it randomly changed without you doing anything (root, modify rom, etc.) then it is a bit worrying. However if the phone finishes booting and runs fine afterwards and you did do something (see above) then it's likely fine.
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  3. wilsop

    wilsop New Member

    just started to happen on my unlocked sonic. doesn't appear to affect it any other than maybe slowing booting down a smidge. this phone has been for a swim a few months ago though, was dried out in the sun for a few days and still works well.
  4. rmf304

    rmf304 Member

    My Fusion just did the same. I installed a couple games fromt he play store and it happened. Deity Wars and Star Traders. So not sure of the cause but the phone is functining just fine otherwise. I haven't tried rooting it or anything but I may now so I can replace the ROM with something else.

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