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Red Cross Earthquake app crashesSupport

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  1. ztewarpjohn

    ztewarpjohn New Member

    Red Cross Earthquake crashes on my ZTE Warp N860 (Boost Mobile). I've installed and uninstalled it three times in hopes that I had a bad installation, but no dice?:mad:

  2. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Well-Known Member Contributor

    Its the app... had a similar issue with the mixology drink recipes app and i was develloping a rom so i was racking my brain trying to figure out why this ONE app was crashing... its just the app tested the redcross app on my phone and same thing... as Tigatron said "big app with a big fat FC"... its not you it's everyone...let the devs at redcross know... cheers! :)
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  3. UnknownUser1

    UnknownUser1 Well-Known Member

    Some apps just havnt ben tested on our phones so they havnt ben corrected to work try to email the creators they will either become blocked from our market or made compatible
  4. ztewarpjohn

    ztewarpjohn New Member

    Thank you smartmanvartan and UnknownUser1. At least now I know it's not my phone. Will let Red Cross Earthquake app developers know.

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