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  1. alexhickman89

    alexhickman89 New Member


    Whilst using my phone in the dark i have noticed whilst sending a text a red glow from the first hole next to the front camera, it looks like infared but what for? Is it to help the smart sleep function try to locate your eyes? But i have this feature turned off yet the red light is still there!


  2. psybab

    psybab Well-Known Member

    It's the LED notification light. It probably means you haven't cleared some notifications out. So far, I have noticed on mine:
    Blue blinking - Email or Text
    Red blinking - Facebook post
    Purple steady - Facebook message
    Red steady - charging
    Green steady - charged

    Any others? OKCupid also lights up, but I can't remember the color.
  3. alexhickman89

    alexhickman89 New Member

    Thanks for the detailed reply !

    However its not the notification light to the left, its from one of the two tiny holes next to the bigger camera hole you can hardly see the redglow in day light have a look in a dark room its the first circle. It only comes on while in your messages
  4. psybab

    psybab Well-Known Member

    Those are the proximity and light sensors. It's likely what you are seeing is just a reflection from the light sensor (like if you look into a cat's eyes at night, or red eyes in a photograph). It doesn't create light of its own, just reflects it.
  5. Nougatplovene

    Nougatplovene New Member

    It is definitely there. I found this forum due to noticing the really dim red light as well.
    For sure it is not a reflection.
  6. drock212

    drock212 New Member

    I noticed this as well, the red light comes on as soon as I go to compose a text and turns off as soon as I back out of the text... very odd wonder what the purpose of it is.

    Edit: Did more searching found out its for the direct call feature so when you're in the text and move the phone to your ear it calls the person you're texting. If you turn this feature off the light will not turn on anymore.
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  7. nima galaxy s

    nima galaxy s New Member

    my galaxy s 3 is also like this you can go to task manager and then active apps and kill the messaging ! also if u got viber u must force stop it ! !
    this is just for update
    with another mobile camera take picture from this red light it will turn into purple! its very dangerous
  8. S Chonson

    S Chonson Well-Known Member

    My new text light is green and missed call light is blue.
  9. AmanAhad

    AmanAhad New Member

    its a proximy sensor light ok understand when you turn off direct call option then this light will not shown. ok thanks............


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