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  1. gpup

    gpup Active Member

    /Has anyone else noticed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen is EXTREMELY sensitive? Sometimes it responds when my finger isn't even in contact with it, if I'm hovering 1-2 mm above the screen. It's really annoying. I've Googled this concern and only find a method of INCREASING the touch sensitivity for use with gloves. That option is unchecked and it's still far too sensitive. I've been using other smartphones for years and have never experienced such an annoying touch screen. Does anyone know how this can be adjusted? My phone is rooted so I'm hoping at the very least there's a terminal command that will do it.

  2. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    If your phone is recognising touches without you actually touching the screen that sounds like you have air view turned on in settings, second tab at the top, input and control.
  3. reekiesj

    reekiesj New Member

    I also have the same issue, and it is intermittent. The local device support center did a factory reset. No difference. Issued me with a replacement under warranty. Same problem. Tried to suggest it was my apps causing it. Not true.

    There needs to be a software fix for this. The Air View option is OFF, as is Air Hover, and the sensitivity is set to low. AT&T carrier.

    Perversely, I just tried turning Air View ON, with only one element activated (the Speed Dial preview) and this seems to have done the trick. Will comment again if it sustains.

    Update on October 11. So far, this has been successful with NO reappearance of the issue. Maybe Samsung should take notice of this. It is clearly a software problem. I mean, turning something ON in order to turn it OFF is patently absurd!

    Update on October 14. After a weekend of heavy use, this fix is still holding. How can we get Samsung to take notice and develop a proper solution?
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  4. TrueMetalGeek

    TrueMetalGeek Well-Known Member

    Do you find that it make your typing more inaccurate than usual?

    I went from a HTC DNA to the S4 when my wife broke her phone (I get new phone, she gets hand me down, lol!)

    Anyway, the typing and swipe to type SUCKS on this thing compared to the HTC. Wow. I've almost thrown this thing because of it when I've literally had to erase and try to type / swipe the same word over and over to finish a comment, text message, etc. Very frustrating.
    I tried both stock keyboard and the Swiftkey app I prefer.

    As for the phone versus my HTC there are pro and cons to the phone. The reason I got it was the split screen so I can use facebook and youtube at the same time. That was the main reason I jumped ship to Samsung.

    Android sucks that it don't have an option to keep videos alive in the background with the default players.
    My old Palm Treo Windows 5.1 could do that years ago before iPhone and Android existed. I can't believe after 4 or so years now that Android still don't truly multi task. :confused:
    If Microsoft made a 5" phone like the Surface RT it would be over for Android and iPhone. LOL! (Sorry, I LOVE THE SHIT out of the Surface Tablet I bought a few months ago) :D

    Anyway I like some features of the phone and am not trying to get rid of it or anything.

    One thing I think I'm going to try is to remove the screen protector.
    Verizon INSISTED that I use the protector which they installed when I bought it. Which is weird because in the past the salesmen used to spew nonsense about protectors voiding warranty. :cool:

    I'm wondering if the protector is messing up the accuracy.

    I sure miss being able to swipe lightning fast on my DNA.
  5. reekiesj

    reekiesj New Member

    Try Touch Pal keyboard. Very accurate, very customizable, great prediction capability. great swipe ability.
  6. gpup

    gpup Active Member

    Wow, really? So with air view ON the screen becomes less sensitive? I have not had the same experience. What's your experience in 4.3? I've just gotten used to the annoyance of a screen that reacts when my finger gets close to it. It's super annoying but I get used to it.
  7. MktMuser

    MktMuser New Member

    Thank u. My screen was to sensitive as well. After partial turn on of air hover, as recommended, problem has gone away, for now. I was getting false call denials and reboots. Also found that my swiping functionality has improved. Thanks again. MktMuser.
  8. pot

    pot New Member

    Try putting a screen protector on. I use a scratch resistent anti-trace screen protector and it slightly reduces the sensitivity.
  9. bearyteri

    bearyteri New Member

  10. bearyteri

    bearyteri New Member

    I've had this problem on and off with my S4. Recently, it began flipping my pages everytime I tried to scroll my widgets. It had never really done this till recently and i havent changed any settings or apps or anything. So i came on here to check out possible ways to fix this...its really beginning piss me off! So i made sure my sensitivity was set on low, I began messing with the Air View and Air Hover options. NOTHING has worked! NOW ITS WORSE! The pages are no longer flipping when I try to scroll a widget or something else. Now my widgets dont want to scroll at all! Sometimes they do and sometimes they dont. I restarted the phone, i took off and put back om my widgets, and NOTHING has worked!!! I have no idea what to do now! ? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!

    UPDATE: I did exactly what reekiesj said. That did seem to correct the over sensitivity problem. Then in my launcher settings I changed the transition between pages. Suddenly my Widgets work better than they ever have. It like I have a new phone! YEAH!
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  11. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Have a look in Display > Increase touch sensitivity > Uncheck . See if that helps.
  12. Shawn Maine

    Shawn Maine New Member

    I have had this problem with my T-Mobile Galaxy S4 since I replaced my LCD assembly, and have tried all suggestions on this forum to no avail. As a permanent fix, I set the phone "Touch key light duration" to "Always off". This fix is better for those who already know which side of the home button serves the purpose of the Option Menu or Return (note that on the white S4, there doesn't seem to be a physical indicator other than the backlights for the left and right touch keys). You can access this permanent fix by following these steps:
    1. Go to Setting
    2. Tap "My device menu" at the top of the setting window
    3. Tap "Display"
    4. Scroll down to "More settings" and tap "Touch key light duration"
    5. Select "Always off" from the popup menu
    6. Test your phone to be sure the problem is fixed

    NB: If this solution works for you, hit the "Like" or "Best Answer" to help others easily access this solution.

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