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  1. aish_varya

    aish_varya Well-Known Member


    Since Ace comes with a very low RAM ( 278 mb ) and every app uses around 5-12 mb of ram, I am running high on memory usage and will welcome any suggestion to reduce memory usage

    I don't use any unnecessary programs, all i have is this

    1. Go launcher Ex 10 mb ram
    2. Go contacts 8 mb ram
    3. Go sms pro 8.5 mb ram
    4. whatsapp 8.2 mb ram
    5. Google services 12mb ram
    6. Google map 3.7 + 4.1 mb ram
    7. Samsung keypad 12 mb ram
    8. software update 3.6 mb ram

    other some minor services as well

    1. Why is google maps running in background when i dont open it ?
    2. Can you suggest any other light weight launcher and call log app ?

    Thanks for replies...

  2. aish_varya

    aish_varya Well-Known Member

    80 views no replies :O
    pros i need ur help....
  3. Chrisff60

    Chrisff60 Member

    IMO, you really don't need 'GO' and their apps, 'cause as you said yourself, Ace doesn't have that much memory to start with. Adding up, that's about 35mb memory that you are using, that you can free up. If you can live with the phone apps, as I do, you'll find it works just fine. Regarding Maps, I think it might be your phone or permissions or something, because Google Maps isn't permanently on in mine. I agree that we can do with a better launcher and call logs, but hey, we're stuck with what we can get till we get something better. Maybe Gingerbread will solve the memory handling problem.

    PS. I'm searching for apps, too.
  4. aish_varya

    aish_varya Well-Known Member

    sad news buddy..... im using gingerbread only.... memory handling is better but still sucks... games still lag.... only battery life has improved (and improved alot)
  5. aceuserr

    aceuserr Member

    hi aish_varya this might not be what your looking for but there is a sort of hack that allows you to install most apps to the sd card. when i say most i mean those that just wont and those that wont work if you do, like facebook wont work if installed on the sd card. ive done it and it helped me a great deal although for the phone to be able to open them swiftly they still store a cache on the internal memory which will still eat up your 278 mb. i hope this helps.
  6. Bayint Naung

    Bayint Naung Active Member

    The best is not to use those custom launcher, contact, ..
    They usually take more RAM memory.
    Keep your no# of home screen to minimal.
    No unnecessary widgets or background services(news, weather ,...)
    If you wish, use custom ROM and comcache(compressed cache). faster file system, etc.
    or root and use app like swapper to enable swapping.
    Keep your internal storage free.
    Speed up your Android: free up internal phone storage
    Frequently clear apps cache(especially browser & android market takes much cache).
    There are apps that can 1 click clear cache.
  7. Terminated

    Terminated New Member

    Hi there...
    I know its very frustrating to see running "Maps" even if u stop it it starts again... I think i kn ow asolution.... Just go to settings the "Battery Usage Tab"and Force stop from there then maps doesnt start again... I hope this helps
  8. PJ147

    PJ147 Well-Known Member

    Android manages memory effectievly so it will free up enough ram for itself. Unused ram is pointless! The main issue for lag on games is the cpu/gpu combo.
  9. Flaviu

    Flaviu Well-Known Member

    Go to applications and all applications. Search for google maps and force close. Use Task Manager and clear ram memory once a day or two. I do that and i always use like 140-170 RAM out of 278 and i have more than 20 applications.
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  10. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    My Xperia mini phone Google map and other unwanted apps ( pre loaded games) run every restart. If i force to close them not work. Google should fix this issue.
  11. 3mily_

    3mily_ New Member

    Your ram usage is most likely high because of bad apps. uninstall go launcher go contacts and go sms pro. i speak this from experience.Go launcher or any go whatever that they made is hazardous to your phone.
  12. Jeffers

    Jeffers Active Member

    I think you are on to a loser to try and reduce your memory usage as the issue is that the ACE has so little memory, it will be a constant battle.
    In my experience, the real answer to the memory problem on the Ace is to have an external partition on your sd card and use Link2SD.
    See link below for an explanation of what Link2sd is and can do.
    Sounds like you are on a custom ROM, so I am assuming you will already have used CWM and know how to access it?
    WARNING, IF YOU CHOOSE TO PARTITION YOUR SD CARD YOU WILL LOSE ALL THE CONTENT. So I backed my sd card up to my PC first, then copied back only those items I wanted to after partitioning.
    Easiest way to partion sd card in my opinion is to use CWM. Once CWM is running choose the Advanced menu option, then choose Partition SD Card, you will be asked to choose two values size of extension and size of swap, opinion seems to be 1024 for the ext and 0 for the swap as most ROMs don't use it. Allocate a smaller size for the extension if you only have a 2GB sd card.
    Then download Link2sd from play store, some minor configuring and memory problem goes away :)
    Note that a some of your internal storage is still used by apps so you could if you loaded lots and lots of apps still fill up your internal memory, but this is unlikely.
    As you will be using your sd card more to load apps stored on it best to go for a class 10, but class 6 or 4 may still be OK depends on your expectations. If you have a class 6 or 4 sd card I would try using it, if you are happy stay with it, if you need better performance go for class 10.
    If you don't have one I would recommend you download OverclockWidget from playstore which will allow you to overclock your CPU, but just as important slow it down when the phone is asleep.
    If you don't already have it installed you will need root/superuser.
    Hope this helps, above is easy to do, google if you need more information as it is all out there.
    Good luck.

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