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REF Sim002 - TetheringSupport

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  1. tphillips84

    tphillips84 Active Member

    Im now getting a message of Error REF SIM002.. and goes on to say that that tethering isnt allowed on my plan. when i try to use utorrent or bittorrent to download files over the 3 Network.. it hasnt always done this which has me confused.
    Im not tethering and its annoying me now.. when ispoke to three their brainwave was to reset the phone which im pretty sure is just not going to work

    Im on 3uk and using unrooted device..

  2. nuttynat84

    nuttynat84 Well-Known Member

    Doubt a reset will do anything for you, as the network is reporting back to your phone that you are not allowed to tether...don't know why this would be classed as tethering though?? But basically, they need to add tethering back on for you :D
  3. tphillips84

    tphillips84 Active Member

    Tethering isnt allowed on my priceplan as its a bolt on so i dont have it anyway..
  4. nuttynat84

    nuttynat84 Well-Known Member

    That's odd then...for whatever reason it seems to think you are tethering when you aren't...does this happen in other browsers?
  5. tphillips84

    tphillips84 Active Member

    it happens only when im not connected to wifi.. the torrent wont download and then if i try to you browsers it desplays that message ref tethering and i have to restart it to be able to browse and clear the notice.. its the same with all my browsers and all my bittorrent clients. I spoke to three again and he tried a new apn and that didnt work and then i got left they will have their tech department look into it
  6. nuttynat84

    nuttynat84 Well-Known Member

    Really odd...hope they sort it out for you :D
  7. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Try resetting the phone. When I first got mine, after a few days it started using all data as hotspot data and I hadn't used hotspot at all. A factory reset fixed it.
  8. lisaloo1

    lisaloo1 New Member

    Me and my brother having exact same problem. We have both tethered this month tho which we aint allowed but this just happened yesterday
  9. tphillips84

    tphillips84 Active Member

    After a trip to Carphone Warehouse and a somewhat helpful guy and then another phonecall from 3 tech support their explanantion is that because bittorrent clients act in the same way as the pc counterparts :)the network finds it hard to differentiate between the two so it then thinks that your tethering and you get the problem im having.. they have said the issue will be resolved in next few days once they have placed something on my account.. so to those that maybe have tethered you possibly may be able to get it back by claiming the use of a bittorrent client.
  10. cjgroveuk

    cjgroveuk New Member

    I am still getting this issue so they haven't fixed it.

    On my Galaxy Nexus I get this when I try to tether even though I pay
  11. tphillips84

    tphillips84 Active Member

  12. big_poppa

    big_poppa New Member

    I had this sim002 error on my rooted note2 in between changing from a standard monthly tariff with no tethering provided, to changing over to monthly tarrif which provided 4gb tethered. Took about 3 days to kick in after new tariff started.

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