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    SuperOneClick + instructions (Use only if you have 2.2/2.2.1/2.3.3 Firmware):
    >>[APP]SuperOneClick v2.3.2 - Better LG Phone Support! - xda-developers

    z4root + instructions (Use only if you have 2.2/2.2.1 Firmware):
    >>[APP] z4root - xda-developers

    GingerBreak + instructions (Use only if you have 2.2.2 Firmware)
    >> xda-developers


    Installing CWM Recovery (v5.0.2.3)


    Installing RZRecovery on A70 -V-2.1.4

    >>Flashable zip of RZrecovery-V-2.1.4




    How to install custom roms

    [ROM] ASeventy - A Modded Stock ROM for the Micromax A70

    DRoidMaxxV3 NEW [ROM][STABLEDRoidMaxxV3 -2.2.1 (Codename Droidmax, released on 2011-10-24

    [ROM] [STABLE] - Asevmaxx v2.2.1

    [ROM] Leandros V1

    [ROM] Hybrid v1.300.2

    [ROM] Hybrid v2 ( WOrking flash )

    ASHWA ROM v1

    [ROM] Hybrid III aka v3

    [ROM] Leandros 2.0

    Ashwa rom v2

    [ROM] viper_v1

    [Rom]The ONE

    [ROM][Highly-Themed] FroYo Cream Sandwich V.2.0 | Completely ICS-Themed | Tweaked And Much More !!

    [ROM]New look for stock rom froyo A70


    Spice MI-300's cm6 PORT TO A70


    THUNDERG kernel-A Modified Stock


    Flashable_Boot_Img With Flashplayer v10.3

    [THEME]Icecream Sandwich&#8482; v3| Pure | Smooth | Sleek|

    [MOD] Transparent Dialer

    Ics transition +black status bar+circle battery +lockscreen

    Installing kannada + Devanagari [Hindi] Fonts

    Customization releases! -sense settings mod or icons

    LAUNCHER for a70[touch wiz]

    Customize your phone, the way you like it -cool framework mods

    White Clock for Black task Bar

    New Cool icons in Setting

    Black taskbar to go wt services jar of ash1425

    ACTUAL timescape UI on A70-version-1.1

    HOWTOs / TWEAKS / etc

    >Guides or tutorials

    USB Driver{ADB DRIVER for A70}Link Updated

    [TUTORIAL] ADB Workout Tutorial for Linux+Windows (100% working

    [All In One Guide ] Porting ROMs

    Make the Flash player 10.3 work on your finger

    [Guide] How to change user agent on stock browser

    [TUTORIAL] Install THOUSANDS ( and many more) of apps on phone

    How to force install apps to SD card without ROOT!!! A70

    [guide][exp]How To Port GB from SDK

    New SE Launcher + Timescape for a70[experimental]+lockscreen

    [tut] a2sd

    [TUT] Fix battery drain issue on ANY Rom

    [TUTORIAL] Remove DtA2SD completely from Hybrid v3

    An alternative to fastboot and clockworkmod recovery to backup and restore ROMs



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    updated the OP

    >removed Viper rom from WIP

    >Added the new working ROM link of VIPER ROM V1
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    why rooting gingerbread is here????
  5. ashudb70

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    i ashutosh.. has purchased micromax a70 n it got bricked. I rooted my phone using z4root n then few days later I tried to install boot manager with which my phone got struck in bootloop.. and was not starting. I had CWM installed but evn thn I was not able to boot in recovery it jst showed micromax logo nothing worked nor pressing vol+ key n power button worked. I have java n android sdk installed on my pc. its windows 7 please help me. to unbrick the I don't know the procedure to unbrick it pls hlp me pls...
  6. ninadchaudhari

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    Hey for booting to recovery you need to press vol- and power key and do not leave those until u get into recovery also are you sure u had recovery flashed....
    if that is again the problem persists use fastboot commands
    download stock rom from the thread , install fastboot on your computer ( needs to be downloaded for pc after you download sdk seperately) and flash all the images respective places !!
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    People, don't post anything anywhere.Please try to keep our home clean.
    @ashudb70- u have seperate thread for this.don't post everywhere.
    @ninad- he is being answered at respective thread.i do value ur concern to help but also guide such new members not to post anything anywhere with ur answer.
    We all here to help...
    Now see, I also have to add unnecessary post here to guide u people.
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    >added sd and battery tweaks thread
  10. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

  11. samrox144

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    Updated op

    >added stock recovery for a70 ...

    >flashable recovery for CWM AND RZRECOVERY

    added this also
  12. ninadchaudhari

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    @Samrokx plz add the IRC link also !
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  14. madan6606

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    Hey Guys i have created a page on fb for android
    Droid Workz | Facebook....
    Plz promote it by hitting like and share....thanks a lot
  15. varun.chitre15

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    Sam update the post with following things
    1.Ics theme by me
    2.transparent dialer by me
    3.new updated RZ recovery.
  16. samrox144

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    Updated OP

    >>Icecream Sandwich theme
    >>[MOD] Transparent Dialer
    >>updated RZ recovery
  17. ninadchaudhari

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    [FATAL-ERROR] Rz-Recovery points to CWM 5..
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    Thanks ...

    corrected that one ...:)
  19. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    what abt Gtalk app for A70
    what do u think ???
  20. samrox144

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    updated op

    1> added the rom --the one
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  21. Dvd94

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    thanks sam..........
  22. Lohit shetty

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    THE ONE rom download link not found...

    Invalid Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator
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    >[THEME]Icecream Sandwich&#8482; v3| Pure | Smooth | Sleek|

    >[ROM][Highly-Themed] FroYo Cream Sandwich V.2.0 | Completely ICS-Themed | Tweaked And Much More !!

    PM me if i have missed something.
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    >New look for stock rom froyo A70

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