Referral codes part deux (New codes go here!)

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  1. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Please note, if you do not keep your account active for two months at the least you will not get credit for using a referral code! Neither is the person who referred you!

    This is a new quarter that we're coming up against. Not sure how Boost Mobile uses/issues referral codes but the old ones in the previous thread are all dead. They come something along the lines of "must be used by the 31st March".

    If anyone has new referral codes... April onwards post them here.

    If not sure about what this is refer to this thread.

    Keep them coming folks. Everyone needs Boost the cheapest best cellphone network and we need to help them realize their dream... and get a referral bonus while we're at it!

    Referral codes are going to be posted here...

    dranthony: 122713949690
    kolosus: 121031958644

    Thanks to all the folks who have been using the codes. We used to have a list of the codes that were used up on here but the list is getting quite long. I'm moving the list of used codes down to post #24 on this thread. If your code was posted here and it is no longer posted then look at the post a bit further down...

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  2. AndyKip

    AndyKip Member

    good till 05/27/2012 never been used has 3 credits
  3. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Three members had their codes posted. AndyKip, kskillz and me.

    AndyKip's codes are used. All three times. Andy. If you haven't received your bonus from Boost yet just wait.

    Kskillz posted his codes from the last promotional period. So his codes were no good.

    Mine were used up too. I already got $50. I'm expecting another $25. I checked to see if I had any left.

    I'm trying to come up with some more referral codes. As soon as I get hold of some expect to see them here.

    PS: Thank you to my unknown benefactor! I love you!:thumbup:
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  4. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome VIP Member

    Please message me your codes if you'd like them to be used in my store.
    I am an employee of Boost/Virgin Mobile.
    Some of my new activations do not know anyone else who has Boost. This will be helpful.
    Thank you.
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  5. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    It is still early in the promo period. Seems that I was one of the lucky ones to get my promo number early. Most folks haven't received one yet. I've asked many folks who have Boost around me.

    As soon as someone comes up with one I'll put it up here. Regardless of if they're a member here or not.
  6. Rarewolf

    Rarewolf Well-Known Member

    My mom, sister and brother in law should be getting theirs.
    First the law then sis then my mom.
    Ill post them as soon as I get them.
    So hope you guys are just as eager as me! Lolz.
  7. ToRro12

    ToRro12 Member

    Hello everyone, I want to activate a new account and I need a referral code. PM me with your referral code. I will activate tonight.
  8. ToRro12

    ToRro12 Member

    I used this code on 4/20 but idk if it was accepted cuz the boost store activated it for me.
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  9. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Two new referral codes posted today (May 2nd). They are both good, also tested today. They're starting to come in.
  10. ToRro12

    ToRro12 Member

    Thank you for the update. I used this code today 128239168130
  11. SilkyGSmooth

    SilkyGSmooth New Member

    Thanks so much! I used code 129997917514 today! When I start getting referral codes, I'll be sure to add them to this site!
  12. cdaddy09

    cdaddy09 Member

    OK, I feel lame, but what r these codes and how do you use them?

    Sorry all, Please disregard my Brain fart, I read this post b4 the one that actually details what the referrals are and how to use them.
  13. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

    I have a new referral code:

  14. theonewho

    theonewho Well-Known Member

    I just got an email with a promotion code. The fine print says "Promotion period from 9/15/11 - 3/31/12" but I just got the email like 2 hours ago so it should be good still. No idea for how long though. Here's the code if anyone wants to try it:

  15. bjb302

    bjb302 New Member

    Just received today 122082369085
  16. DougieFresh4U

    DougieFresh4U Well-Known Member

    new code TODAY
    Thanks to any one who uses, as I let my code from last time expire and never used
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  17. cportillo09

    cportillo09 Member

    Hey guys our family has several Boost Mobile store in Vegas and we use these codes for all of our customers.

    If you guys would like for us to use them give us a call @ 702-778-9420

    and make sure to ask for Chris !
  18. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Hi there folks. I've checked all the codes that were provided on this thread to see if they have referrals left on them. The codes that are still standing are at the top. The codes that are used up are still in the thread but a bit lower down. I left them there just in case the ones up top are used up too might as well try the ones later on to see if they're valid.

    My question to the guys who've gotten their codes used up is if you received the full $75 from Boost. I understand that they come in in pieces. The reason I'm asking is because its been a month since I received my first $50 from Boost. My code shows as used up but I haven't received my next $25 from them yet.

    The same thing happened last promo period too. I got $50 from Boost. Two sets of $25. The last $25 never came. I assumed that perhaps one of the folks that I referred didn't start up their account or something... but now I'm starting to wonder what really happened.

    Looking forward to your input folks.
  19. Breeonnas

    Breeonnas Member

    Heres a new code thanx to who uses it!!!

    252 690842434
  20. Breeonnas

    Breeonnas Member

    252 690842434 thanxs if ya use em ;)
  21. Breeonnas

    Breeonnas Member

    Does anyone know how it takes to recieve the money to ur account?
  22. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Once someone uses your referral code you should get the credit to your account within 30 days. Thing is unless you refer someone yourself and know when they signed up you will not know when your 30 days wait is up.

    I do check the status of referal codes from time to time. If yours is used up then its definitely time to start looking for the money. Boost does send you a text message when your account is credited.

    Good luck.
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  23. Breeonnas

    Breeonnas Member

    Ok thanks so much. How do u check ur code to c if its been used by someone? :)
  24. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    I have a boost mobile phone that is inactive. I go to the site and go through the motions of activating it. When I get to the referral part I plug in the codes posted on this thread one by one. I cannot say if it has been used once or twice... but I can say if it has been used up. I can also tell if the code is valid.

    I do not actually go through and activate the phone. Just far enough to check the status of the codes.

    Here are the list of referral codes that are used up. These were posted in the first post and once they were used up they were moved to this post. It used to be listed on the first post but the list started getting quite long. If your referral code is here and not there it means that according to the Boost website your codes have been used up.

    The exception is the codes that expired. No way for me to figure out if it got used or not. The time frame within which they were to be used is posted next to those codes.

    Please Note: It is possible to run out of referrals and not get the full $75 credit ($25 x 3). If someone used your code and never paid into their account to start up service or didn't use their phone for two months then you do not get credit. Neither do they... but that's a different story.

    Breeonnas: 121412790777
    Harold: 125931164532
    Pwnhoax: 124522780945
    dizzigizzi812: 122601307694
    Loota: 122404929808
    Rarewolf: 121089668124
    miss32act: 129827332016
    redgs95: 253358119809
    redgs95: 129997917514
    kolosus: 129843558209
    theonewho: 121093606952
    bjb302: 122082369085
    Derbygoddess: 128239168130
    Riotpump: 129503087836
    Breeonnas: 252690842434
    mjgonzales: 127879696548
    haris163: 125999433374
    Breeonnas: 255871071092 Promotional code must be redeemed during this promotional period : [02/01/2012 00:02 AM] (CST) to [05/27/2012 00:05 AM] (CST)
    Bren S: 256848818408 Promotional code must be redeemed during this promotional period : [10/10/2011 00:10 AM] (CST) to [05/20/2012 00:05 AM] (CST)
    dizzigizzi812: 122601307694
    Rarewolf: 121089668124
    Dest1ny: 128167383709
    kskillz: 121812716158
    Strider57/Dan: 129040888656
    astmd1655: 121072430945
    Anonomouse: 125733167690
    zipit: 255492258513 Promotional code must be redeemed during this promotional period : [02/01/2012 00:02 AM] (CST) to [05/27/2012 00:05 AM] (CST)
    brianpill: 129770402441
    The~Skater~187: 127907512064
    DougieFresh4U: 127734559609
    osrey: 129835513304
    dizzigizzi812: 127300402996
    birdhouse1575: 128000362907
    AndyKip: 126983259851
    miss32act: 129827332016
    lipy: 125882169349
    pl0323: 123277035737
    noskills1: 122732971921
    androidfrog: 123971674482
    miguelcuba: 121877632609
    omegaman56: 255684389516 Promotional code must be redeemed during this promotional period : [10/10/2011 00:10 AM] (CST) to [05/20/2012 00:05 AM] (CST)
    redgs95: 129997917514
    pl0323: 123277035737
    TechNerdNoobie: 123712626611
    Klown80: 122094027312
    nokey: 125492312171
    xopher425: 124027099479
    Topken: 129329537326
    wetbiker7: 123505822353
    tiltedBird: 258641991514 Promotional code must be redeemed during this promotional period : [10/10/2011 00:10 AM] (CST) to [05/20/2012 00:05 AM] (CST)
    MrBobo: 121524026347
    oopsibrokeit: 126657641790
    inigomontoyasr: 126885422716
    njpunkboy: 122102431150
    monkeybread: 122130677383
    wetbiker7: 128556931920
    Rarewolf: 124272864178
    WindowGuard: 254429872358 Promotional code must be redeemed during this promotional period : [10/10/2011 00:10 AM] (CST) to [05/20/2012 00:05 AM] (CST)
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  25. mjgonzales81

    mjgonzales81 New Member

    how do i put my codes on
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