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Referral codes part deux (New codes go here!)

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  1. dranthony

    dranthony Member

    code just issued: 122713949690 ENJOY!

  2. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Promotional code must be redeemed during this promotional period : [09/26/2011 00:09 AM] (CST) to [04/12/2012 00:04 AM] (CST)
  3. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome VIP Member

    I am sorry to hear about your horrible service. I know that sometimes customer service can be a quite a hassle and give conflicting information.

    I also have to call them for matters of the accounts as store representatives don't have access to that panel.

    Not everyone is getting a code. I've noticed that the pattern is quite sporadic and I think they are choosing numbers at random. I do know that you are more likely to get your own code if you activated with a referral code to begin with.

    If you need more assistance, I'll see what I can do. Just message me.

  4. dranthony

    dranthony Member

    This is good to know. It affirms that they are advertising falsely. Codes should go to ALL eligible customers, as promised by their website ads and FAQs.
  5. ZingBot

    ZingBot Well-Known Member

    I have not received any referral codes. I started with Boost 6 months ago (successfully used a referral code at sign-up that I found on this forum) and all my payments have been on time. I emailed Boost a couple months ago requesting they send me some codes but I just received a basic answer saying they are sending codes to eligible customers during the promotional period blah blah blah.
  6. dranthony

    dranthony Member

    try posting your results on their Facebook page. it finally got a code
    also, don't accept no for an answer - hold them to their advertising
    remind them the program says they will text AND email a code to ALL eligible customers
  7. Aids10

    Aids10 Member

    Not available for this Pay As You Go pleb :banghead:
  8. 111boost111

    111boost111 New Member

    I just ordered a new Boost phone and it is expected to arrive around Tuesday, this week, I'm looking for a valid code I can use to activate it when it arrives. I will need it asap, as I will have to start the porting process to switch my old number to my new phone as soon as it arrives in order to have to old phone shut off before the next billing date comes up. If anyone has a new code or one they are sure is still valid, please share! I will do the same when I get codes, this is now my second new Boost phone, so I should have some to share soon, I hope! Thanks!!!
  9. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    @ 111boost111

    The promotion only applies to NEW accounts that are not coming in from Sprint, Virgin or any of the other MVNOs. So if you have an account with Boost already (or Sprint/Virgin) then you're not going to get the credit. Just to give you a heads up. Plus it is only for monthly unlimited accounts and not available on pay as you go as the person who posted above you noted.

    You can use 121031958644. But it is posted in the open forum and I cannot guarantee if it gets used up before you get your phone.

    I'd also give you the one posted by dranthony. But it seems that even though it was posted after the one posted by me it was all used up. Good luck.
  10. CreditGuyBill

    CreditGuyBill New Member

    ok here is NEW Code just got tonight

    got credit for 25 on the 15th THANKS!!!!
  11. Wadsworth78

    Wadsworth78 Well-Known Member

    Just got my code: 127821773434
  12. cangry

    cangry New Member

    Promotional code has already been redeemed.
  13. cangry

    cangry New Member

    Promotional code has already been redeemed
  14. cjreyes666

    cjreyes666 Well-Known Member

    new code 122523904521
  15. wcsc12

    wcsc12 Member

    Lucky you guys got one. I'm in my 4th month now and I still haven't received mine and when I called, I quoted them the website and was told that apparently it's being done at "random" regardless of what their website states and they'll put you on a "priority" list to receive things like this in the future but no actual promise of a referral code.
  16. ninjarabbit

    ninjarabbit Well-Known Member

    Brand spanking new... 125640943933... Just got it today...
    Christa1982 likes this.
  17. Christa1982

    Christa1982 New Member

    THANK YOU :) I just used one of your referrals!
  18. HiVeloSidE

    HiVeloSidE Member

    Hey everyone and thanks for keeping this going ,
    after i sign up I will be posting my referal code as well, I guess in 2 months since thats how long it takes to get one. Then they say it will be valid for a year.

    I will be signing up via a retailer later today and am hoping this code will work.

    However it would be nice if a fresh code came in today so I can bring a spare to make sure I don't go all the way to the retailer with my bratty kids for nothing... please let me know if anyone posts a fresh new code today.

    Thanks alot, peace
  19. sr17091

    sr17091 Well-Known Member

    Pm'd you
    HiVeloSidE likes this.
  20. yenom2

    yenom2 New Member

    can anyone send me PM with one? Thanks looking to this for this weekend.
  21. HiVeloSidE

    HiVeloSidE Member

    :dancing2:Thank you sr17091, I went today, got the order done including a phone and monthly plan as required for us to qualify for the ref credit and was told by the sales clerk that the code was accepted during activation etc., so I think we should see the credit within up to 6 weeks...:D I really appreciate your help sr17091... and also kolosus of course, we all owe thanks to the author and maintainer of this thread, Thank you very much!

    Thanks again, PEACE
  22. reese1982

    reese1982 New Member

    Got a new referal code from boostmobile today (8/31/2012). Please use! 123278452488
  23. HiVeloSidE

    HiVeloSidE Member

    Hey everyone, not sure if you're aware this weekend is the free phone giveaway weekend, free phone with new activation at "Select" locations, be prepared to make phone calls as not all dealers are participating, 4 phones to choose from, please see the Boost Mobile FaceBook page advertisement...
    Also Ref code also applicable for this!:D


    Enjoy, PEACE
  24. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Good luck finding someone who's participating. I've been trying everyone around here with no luck!
  25. HiVeloSidE

    HiVeloSidE Member

    There are still some here in Florida, if you like I can provide you with the participating authorized dealers phone number so you can order by phone and then he can ship it to you. Not sure if its possible but maybe it is.

    Let me know...

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