Reflex - app for human reaction measurement

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    Reflex isn't another weird-touching screen app.
    It's core is based on high math algorithm, which by many different levels can determinate your reflex. Also you can play 4 modes to have a different look on your reflex.
    Reflex is all about brain. Average reaction rate is 0.21-0.29s. Athletes and gamers achieve reaction rate about 0.15s. Try yourself in this simple, smooth but reliable app.

    This app is developed by me, all buys are treated as donation for a new mobile games studio, which I'm managing to settle.

    please rate and comment.!

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    Inspired Development

    AllWave is a collection of useful sounds like people sounds, animal sounds etc.
    Application is paid and can be bought at Google Play.

    Almost 100 sounds!

    4 categories: people, animals, music, warfare
    clear interface
    no ads

    LINK to app in Google Play

    Questions and support at:
  3. arikin

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    Angry Bounce


    Angry Bounce is arcade game, where you have to approve yourself in fast paced, dynamic strife.
    It is focused on simplicity of gameplay and increasing level of difficulty, which makes this game perfect to pass the time!
    Tap to jump over blocks. Tap in air to do double jump. Get through all blocks to complete level and unlock next one.
    Collect stars to buy another balls.

    *** Main features so far ***
    # simple gameplay #
    # 24+ levels with various difficulty level #
    # 6+ balls to unlock and play with #
    # challenge to unlock all levels #
    Upcoming updates are going to bring a bunch of levels along with new Tier system, where you choose level of difficulty.​


    Have fun!
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