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reformatting my android phone

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  1. ringo14

    ringo14 Member

    Ok so the reason why im gonna do this is cause my phone is signed up to my dads gmail account and time to time his gmail account signs off and asks for the password and this gives me issues like i can't access the android market , so i wanted to reformat it and sign it up with my gmail account once and for all, but im sorta scared that my samsung vibrant might go back to an older version of its os , currently on froyo.

    I wanna back up all my apps , sms, and etc (i have no paid apps so its all good) , but i need apps for this and can some one tell me how the backup would work if my phone gets completely erased?? where would the app back up things ?? i have a 4gb sd card i brought , so would the backing up app , back up the files into the 4gb card or somewhere else??

    Im a noob when its comes to android phones since its my first one , so can some one tell me what to do and etc.
    Thanks in advance

  2. AstronautROB

    AstronautROB Well-Known Member

    Ok well first you don't have to worry about the phone going back a older version of android. Erasing the info on the phone wont set you back to a older version of android, so nothing to worry about there. I don't really know if they offer a full backup app for non rooted phones, but you can achieve the same thing with a couple different apps.

    For apps I'd use app monster. Very easy and just backs up all the apps to the SD card. When the phone is done wiping all you do is DL app monster again and you can do a full restore of your apps. Contacts are easy to back up, just go under your "people" or contacts and hit the menu key. Most phones have a export/import feature and you just export them to your SD card. Easy enough. For SMS messages just DL SMS Backup from the market and that should backup all your SMS messages to the SD card. Umm idk what else you'd want to back up but I'm sure they have a call log backup in the market or something of the sort.

    Hope that helps :)!
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  3. ringo14

    ringo14 Member

    Thanks i forgot to mention that my phone is rooted so , so any recommend apps for backing up for a rooted phone?? and i will go and download this apps now , thanks.
    i will give you my feed back soon!
  4. AstronautROB

    AstronautROB Well-Known Member

    Oh if its rooted just DL Titanium Backup and it should do everything you want
  5. Recoil1

    Recoil1 Well-Known Member

    If your phone is rooted and you do a complete wipe with the stock rom then you might lose root.

    If you are already running a custom rom then just re install that one and you should be fine. If not you need to find a custom rom and install that so as not to install the patches that may close your root.

    +1 on the Titanium backup.

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