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  1. i3one21

    i3one21 Member

    There is a refresh symbol at the top of my screen. What does it mean and how do I get rid of it? It is just to the left of my wifi symbol. Anyone know?

  2. meohman1

    meohman1 Well-Known Member

    You probably have Yahoo Mail or some other mail or something else set up to Sync with a server - and it's probably eating up battery to boot.

    Good Luck and hope this helps!

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  3. i3one21

    i3one21 Member

    When I added my gmail there was picasa syncing and not stopping. I did think my battery was draining fast. Thanks.
  4. pmd5700

    pmd5700 Member

    I believe that icon is telling you that your phone is syncing something. It could be email, google calender, facebook, etc.
  5. Copronymous

    Copronymous Well-Known Member

    Open task manager and kill anything that syncs (gmail etc). I've had it from time to time. Killing Gmail does it for me.
  6. i3one21

    i3one21 Member

    I got it to go away. It was syncing picasa under my gmail account I added. I just unchecked it. Thanks.
  7. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Good to see a simple remedy. ;)

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