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  1. Fretnoise

    Fretnoise New Member

    Hi all,

    Been lurking round here for a while and picking up lots of hints, so thanks all for that, but I now have a little niggle...

    I'm using myPlayer to download videos to watch during my commute. Even though the myPlayer app recommends arcMedia to play the downloaded videos, I've found that the default Videos app works just fine, and is a bit better thanks to the Dolby Mobile sound.

    However... after downloading the video to the phone, the video takes an age to show up in the Videos app's list. I can usually prod the app into re-scanning the SD card for videos my unmounting and remounting the card, but that's a bit of a pain. Does anyone know of a way of just getting the Videos app to have another look for new files?

    (I know, it's not a major hassle to remount the SD card, but I'm an ex-iPhone guy and used to the 'it just works' way of doing things... (I'm ducking as I type...))


  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    I use 'SDrescsan' (in market) for re-scan the SD card.
    Works fine with pictures and should do the same with videos :)

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