Refurbed 16gb version a wise investment?

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  1. MattDawgyDog

    MattDawgyDog Member

    Good morning! I'm looking into a refurbed Iconia on a big box stores website. According to the description it's a 10.1'' screen and case for around 270.00. 16gb version. I feel as though if I ordered this the 7'' model would show up, but regardless, I'm thinking about making the purchase. I'm coming from the Evo 4g, rooted, ect so I'm pretty familiar with the android OS(not the developer end, however).

    16gb going to be enough?

    I have a 16gb microSD card but wondering if, like the evo, there's an App2SD feature which would help keep the internal memory from being bogged down by apps, etc? Rooting the iconia seems fairly cut and dry but I haven't looked to much into roms other than Thor. I'm assuming it works the same way with apps such as setcpu.

    I'm not heavily into tablet gaming, atleast not games that will really "push" the tablet, and I'm not even terribly concerned about video playback as long as it's sufficient for a tablet. Just basically looking for something cheap and proven that I can root and gain the best performance for basic functions. Speed and reliability.

    I'd actually been looking into the market for a nook color that I could root but at 270 for the extra screen real estate hardware I didn't think this deal was passable. Any suggestions for me? It seems like the majority are pretty happy with this Tab and I'm not terribly worried about it being a refurb considering I'm looking for a deal anyway. Just looking to pull the trigger here ha! For the what I'm looking to use it for I can't imagine any of the new models(tegra 3) coming out will be worth looking into considering the price tag.

    I guess I'm basically asking if, with rooting, this device stands out from the others of that generation of hardware. Are you guys/gals generally impressed with what you can do with this Tab or looking to upgrade? I can't imagine it WON'T get a port of ICS or CM8/9 at some point.

    Sorry for the wall and if this should be in general I also apologize in advance! Thanks for the help.

  2. dbldipp

    dbldipp Well-Known Member

    I've kept mine stock with only factory updates. It works flawlessly and I couldn't be happier. I've had mine since day one when they were first released and the few bugs I had have been taken care of with the updates. Before you root it do all the updates and see how you like it stock.
    I basicly use mine for navigation for in my truck. I'm a truck driver. I use ALK o Pilot and it works great. It's dead on accurate and has never had an isue of keeping up with me. I also use it a little for games but I'm not a big time gamer. I've gotten to where it's alot easier to grab my tab than drag out my laptop for quick internet use and checking my mail and such.
    All in all I would say go for it!!! You woun't be sorry. Works better then the iPads I've compared it to.
  3. dbldipp

    dbldipp Well-Known Member

    Forgot to mention, I use my tab for watching movies and such. No drag , but you might want to get a different video player other than the stock player. It does limit what is palyable. There arfe several good free palyers on the market that do a remarkable job. It will play from the USB port or the external devices such as MicroSD or external HDDs. After the 3.2 update it will read external HDDs formated in ntfs format with no size limits. So you don't have to be concerned with internal storage. I have the 16 gig model with a 32 gig MicroSD added on.
  4. al2fast

    al2fast Well-Known Member

    got a 32gb refurb from tigerdirect about a month ago. so far so good. lots if roms out and some kernels, can overclock to 1.5-1.64 stable, i get random reboots if go over 1.5.. does everything i need it to. got a psx emulator working the other day with my ps3 controller plugged into USB. USB is awesome, makes it super fast and easy for transferring files. ICS will be here in no time. Only beef is wifi strength, you will notice its just not as good as other wifi devices in your arsenal. Saw a/recent post on xda with a different wifi antenna which apparently yielded great results. Will be looking into that next.

    Cannot tell you decisively if 16gb is big enough or not, but 16gb holds a buttload of apps and you can always run up to 32gb microsd for everthing else.
  5. juggernut231

    juggernut231 New Member

    Do what you think is best

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