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  1. riks4039

    riks4039 Well-Known Member

    hello friends i was active on xda forum for long time but as i changed to indian mmx a85 rom i this site attracted me and with lots of hopes and expectation i came here but really i felt sad that all r sleeping no 1 is even ready to help, really feel bad about it all my dreams r broken, when i first came here i saw so many indian workin n i was happy to see them working here together i thought we can compete with other countries coz i saw so much development here but now even after so many days still i cant see any one working so sorry friends may be my words have hurt u but these r my feeling which i wanted to expressed so i did it , any ways if my words inspire some one then i will be too happpy hope u, thank u for reading :(

  2. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    do not new roms will be coming after 15 days now exams and stuff
  3. zeus_hunt

    zeus_hunt Active Member

    Great things to come after Exams... :)
    Hoping everyone does wonderful at Exams..

    Happy Minds make Happy ROMs :)
  4. riks4039

    riks4039 Well-Known Member

    wow happy to know that as i have tested all roms till now, and found many bugs in them, any one needs a tester then m here, an ya best of luck for ya exams, n sorry friends if i hurt any ones feelings

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