Regarding the 2.3.6 Update & MetroPCS (Solved)

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  1. GTK313

    GTK313 Well-Known Member


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  2. Corootai

    Corootai Well-Known Member

    i went to a corp. store last week when my best friend got his phone, and basicly they said to get ahold of samsung. that it wasn't their fault and any updates are done through them and not the maker of the cellphone. X_X **** their just sending us in circles. X_X i'm upgrading my phone next month there's no getting around it. bah X_X
  3. GTK313

    GTK313 Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to update the settings manually by QPST, I might also get a hold on another copy of working Samsung admire for reference.

    If it did work I'll post the process here.
  4. AaronEmoBoi

    AaronEmoBoi Well-Known Member

    i have not done the update but if we do the one in the metro pcs section the one shown on the first post will we still lose data? or no?
  5. GTK313

    GTK313 Well-Known Member

    Yes you will AaronEmoBoi.

    This is some settings I was able to get from an original working phone from a friend. That did not work for me... but I'm still trying.

  6. brito621

    brito621 New Member

    Went to a Corporate store and they try to say my phone was rooted but all i said was that everything else was working but my data and that i updated thru samsung website. New phone should be here by monday!
  7. Corootai

    Corootai Well-Known Member

    i did the same thing and saddly they gave me the same bs. and meh it sucked but in the end it kinda worked out for me because while i wasn't able to get a replace ment for that phone i'm able to just buy a new phone. i'm hoping someone finds a way to fix this phone, wouldn't mind saving this phone and giving it to a family member for x-mas.
  8. marixxaa

    marixxaa Well-Known Member

    Can't you just set the apn settings to the metropcs network? I remember when I had updated my huawei with cm7 and metropcs wasn't supported for data or mms and all we had to do was set the apn through the voice dialer

    The apn settings for metropcs

    APN: internet
    Port: 3128
    Username: 10digitphone#$
    Password: metropcs
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Port: 3128
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 004
    APN Type: MMS
  9. marixxaa

    marixxaa Well-Known Member

    To do this download the apn manager from market or in voice dialer say "apn" and then add new apn...
    Let me know if this helps
  10. GTK313

    GTK313 Well-Known Member

    I tried that, but did not work for me...

    for those who can't access the Android market I have attached the free apn manager if you want to give it a shot.

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  11. marixxaa

    marixxaa Well-Known Member

    Okay so I checked my apn settings and this is what I have. (For parts not stated the info is empty)

    Name: metropcs
    APN: default
    Server: *
    MCC: 311
    MNC: 66

    Name: sktelecom
    APN: default
    Server: *
    MCC: 001
    MNC: 01

    I don't know if maybe this will help? Changing your apn to these two. Also don't forget to press menu and save after inputing each apn and make sure a green light shows up, then fast reboot the phone.
  12. AaronEmoBoi

    AaronEmoBoi Well-Known Member

    um guys i backed up my apn on metropcs's stock rom and its by 81 square if you download it from the market you can back up your apn so i was wondering if i backed up my apn would you guys be able to restore it with the app there is a restore option on there and i will be glad to give you guys the back up the app says its in a folder called ApnManager and the file name is ApnBackup.xml do you want me to upload the ApnManager folder on my sdcard? you would just have to put it on there then backup the apn settings using the app Apn Manager by 81 square im happy to help and i will do the update if i can get data working again so can someone test to see if this works?
  13. AaronEmoBoi

    AaronEmoBoi Well-Known Member

    just extract the zip to your sdcard then get the Apn Manager app by 81 Square just make sure its that one and yeah test it see if it works

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  14. GTK313

    GTK313 Well-Known Member

    I Think it more than the Apn.

    For the second time I went to the same corporate office, and for the second time I had my phone replaced.

    I printed out the Samsung site update image above and the letter I got from Samsung support.

    They tried to restart the phone and to get the data working, when they couldn't they got me a new phone on the spot (for the second time in a week). and since it's under a month from purchase I paid them$0.0.

    I tried everything from Apn to prl update to copying setting from QPST and that did not help, although I learned a lot going through that experience.

    If you are going to return the phone do the following

    1-start in recovery mode and erase and do factory restore
    2-Download and apply the update again from Samsung (that will remove the root and return it to normal)
    3-Copy your data from the SD card and format it.

    Although this has nothing to do with ROOTING, but they might refuse to replace it if they see that you have root access.
  15. GTK313

    GTK313 Well-Known Member

  16. micku92

    micku92 Well-Known Member

    You shouldn't have updated to that version since is ONLY for generic phones like the description of says:
  17. Corootai

    Corootai Well-Known Member

    so yeah... not to be mean. but that notice was not there the warning wasn't there. it while under the updates for metro pcs. if you would look over our posts it would kinda show that.. the only reason it's there now is because we've been complaining to both sides to try and fix it. saddly that's the only thing that's happened so far as in a progress to fix this phone. Y_Y
  18. GTK313

    GTK313 Well-Known Member

    This warning was placed after I did my update to the phone and was one of my arguments while calling them. But still it was my mistake to rush the update from Samsung before it was officially approved by MetroPCS.
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  19. Corootai

    Corootai Well-Known Member

    yeah.. saddly i rushed mines to. i saw a update few others were talking about. and like a dumbass i desided to upgrade. if i would've held out abit longer i suppose i wouldn't be in this mess... but then again.. i kinda gave myself a reason to make the upgrade to the new phone so it kinda worked out i like to say.. but still i would like to see a fix for this so if i deside to give this phone to anyone they won't have the same problems i did.
  20. khaosxiii

    khaosxiii Active Member

    Disappointed to not see this being able to be fixed in QPST

    Do we have the ability to save the config in QPST on the working phone - then upgrade - then flash back working QPST config?

    (Looking at what "save" options there are in QPST now ...)


    OK - looking at QPST it looks like we could try:
    -Running QPST - Reading Phone from Service Programming Menu
    -Saving from Service Programming Menu - Phone - Save to File
    -Upgrading to latest Sammy Version
    -Running QPST - Service Programming - Phone - Load from File (Open Saved QCN) ... Write to Phone

    Only issue is it's difficult to test anything at this point without a default ROM to reflash after a failure (or did we get that and I missed it?)
  21. khaosxiii

    khaosxiii Active Member

    Is anyone still in this state?

    What happens if you hit *#*#4636#*#* form the dialer out of curiosity?
    (This seems to work on all other phones that are not stock MetroPCS Phones)

  22. FiredragonNY

    FiredragonNY Member

    I dialed it and I got the operator...your call cannot be completed as dialed please dial another number.
  23. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    There is no fix for this, and i can not express this enough, DO NOT UPGRADE your phone with this update, it is for the unlock version.
  24. haxmethod

    haxmethod Well-Known Member

    I was just about to make the upgrade last night. I'm glad I waited to check the
    forums first to see what's up.

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