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    Aug 16, 2012
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    It turns out that removing and re-inserting the microSD-card causes the standard music player to remove all microSD-stored songs from its playlists. This applies even though no files are touched.

    What do you guys do about it, or what would you do? And is it a known bug/feature request?

    Background / why is it a problem:
    It is insanely annoying, because I frequently need to remove the card, and every time my playlists are destroyed.

    In case someone is wondering WHY I am removing the microSD-card: I do it in order to place it in my computer's memory card reader. In this way, I can better manage my music library. This is because I get direct access to the music files, which allows me to use a huge array of music and file management tools. These tools include mp3 tagging, sorting, rating, beats per minute counting, auto-rename and a ton of other stuff. Most importantly, I have been using them forever, so switching to other tools is definitely not what I want.

    Also, I tried to just connect the SGS3 to my computer using a USB cable, but this turns out to give access to the music files via MTP, which is only supported by a minute number of tools (such as Windows Media Player). MTP is useless in the remaining 99% of computer programs.


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