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  1. ryanraven

    ryanraven Well-Known Member

    I want to have a fresh install of Android 2.1 like straight from google if you get me.
    No operator logos or limits etc

    Can it be done ?

    Im a newbie so help me out

  2. jojo100232

    jojo100232 Member

    i would like to know this too since i have unlocked my zte racer and moved network soo please help us
  3. wardlock

    wardlock Member

  4. jhonther

    jhonther New Member

    hola sin querer borre algo que me permitia realizar llamadas y mandar mensajes y ahora no puedo como hago
  5. jhonther

    jhonther New Member

    Hola sin querer borre o elimine algo no se que era y ahora mi telefono no llama ni recibe mensajes pero todas las demas aplicaciones estan bien como hago

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