Reinstall native mail.apk in myTouch QSupport

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  1. The suggestions, even with different phones, become helpful in principles, even sometimes the details. Good show.

    I deleted the mail appin myTouch Q. Don't ask me how, just know that one should not hold a grandchild in lap when working on the internals of a rooted phone.

    Any specific suggestions and directions welcome on how to restore, install the mail. I could get separate apps for each domain, but I rather have them in one general mail apk.

  2. I must be senile. I forget that I'm a paranoid with my home computers; it just naturally was transferred to Android. I backed up everything, literally. I restored it from backup I use Ultimate backup Pro. One click and an app restored. I'm lazy too, I could have copied it with Root Explorer and pasted it in the app directory.

    Think now I may remove it deliberately this time. I discovered a very new email app, 3GHA, in the market. Sounds good, I emailed the author, got some details, and believe I will use it. It's unfinished. I configured 3 of my email addresses, easy, automatic.

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