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  1. robf355

    robf355 Member

    Rather stupidly I uninstalled the stock sms app on my galaxy ace 9it is rooted) as it seemed to be comnflicting with sms composer.
    I backed the app up before uninstalling it using es explorer, but when i tried to reinstall the app (as I had no sms messages received anymore) I get an install failed message.
    I have tried to find a stock uk O2 galaxy ace 2 firmware to reinstall but none of them seem to overwrite the system apps
    Is there anyway around this that anyone knows?

  2. clutton86

    clutton86 Active Member

    Have you tired installing a 3Rd party SMS app like gosms maybe that might work
  3. pm5544

    pm5544 Well-Known Member

    Would an idea not be to do a factory reset? by doing so would this not bring back the stock SMS app.
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  4. robf355

    robf355 Member

    thanks for the replies, managed to get the app back by installing a stock rom iomage, but the shortcut on the home screen still isn't there, I'll give a factory reset a try

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