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release date for ics update for international sgs2Tips

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  1. gmoney5588

    gmoney5588 Well-Known Member

    hey guys, so samsung finally released an official announcement that they're releasing ics for international galaxy s2. BUT this is not all good news... they don't clarify if this will include the skyrocket or any of the american at&t versions. and to make matters worse.... the new ics update will no longer support flash or bluetooth 3.0. i'm not sure why they've chosen to do this since most of the korean sites heavily rely on flash... but atleast we get the shiny 4.0?

  2. NativeTxn

    NativeTxn Well-Known Member

  3. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    don't expect an update to ics from att anytime soon. att is the slowest company to update android devices.
  4. gmoney5588

    gmoney5588 Well-Known Member

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