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  1. saintcala

    saintcala Member

    Anyone know the release date?

  2. westbros

    westbros Well-Known Member

    Probably a good idea to watch Samsung's Premiere event in London this Thursday 20 June. Many reports suggest the Galaxy Tab 3 (all 3 sizes) will be there, so hopefully we'll also have dates and prices.
  3. saintcala

    saintcala Member

    That Samsung event sucked. No formal presentation on the tab lineup.
  4. trale

    trale Well-Known Member

  5. saintcala

    saintcala Member

    Yeah I was hoping $250 for 8 inch but I went ahead and pre-ordered anyway.
  6. 007shark

    007shark Well-Known Member Contributor

    I pre-ordered the 8 inch as well. I see alot of negative comments about Sammy's new tab line-up because of using last year's specs. They have the only small tablets, though, with IR, dual band wifi, and miracast which are all things I wanted in my successor to my HP Touchpad. My son got the 7" tab 2 for Christmas last year and I loved the portability of it, but the screen was just a tad too small for my eyes for web browsing. This one is approx. the same width of the 7" tab 2 with a bigger screen so win, win for me.
  7. RadYOacTiVe

    RadYOacTiVe Well-Known Member

    Anyone get theirs yet? I'd like to hear some user feedback.
  8. 007shark

    007shark Well-Known Member Contributor

    I got mine on Sunday, release day. So far I love it. The 8" is the perfect size for me. I have only played with it for a couple of hours each day, but everything works good so far as I can tell. I haven't tried the bluetooth or miracast features yet. I did have a couple issues with the a couple of the pre-installed apps not keeping my settings and force closing such as Smart Remote, but after resetting it a few times it seems to be stable now. Overall the weight and size is perfect for portability and one hand operation. I definitely will get a case for it, though. It's thinness feels awkward to me when holding with one hand for any length of time.

    Edit: One feature I thought I would point out is that Samsung included the ability to move apps to SD.
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  9. HurrycaneJohn

    HurrycaneJohn Well-Known Member


    'One feature I thought I would point out is that Samsung included the ability to move apps to SD.'

    Wow - I haven't read this in any of the reviews for the Tab 3 SD do you mean the external SD card or are you talking about internal SD allocated memory?

    I'm getting mine tomorrow and I can't wait to try it out.
  10. RadYOacTiVe

    RadYOacTiVe Well-Known Member

    Hey Shark,

    Thanks for the reply. Any lag? Can you compare the speed with another tablet? I'm debating spending the extra cash to get the Note 8 for the upgraded processor. I don't care about the S-Pen, I don't use it on my Note 2.

  11. HurrycaneJohn

    HurrycaneJohn Well-Known Member


    If you don't care about the S Pen function of the Note, then you are probably better off buying the Tab 3 8.0 and save $100. I saw a comparision of the two tablets by the GSMArena team and the only real dfference between the 2 tablets is the slightly faster
    Processor and the S Pen function.
  12. RadYOacTiVe

    RadYOacTiVe Well-Known Member

    I'll have to see if it comes down in price a bit since I've seen the Note 8 drop as low as $300-330 a couple of times but didn't bite to see reviews of the Tab 3.

  13. 007shark

    007shark Well-Known Member Contributor

    I just tested this with Angry Birds Star Wars. I moved the app to SD in App Manager and saw the available space on my fresh 8GB microSD decrease. To verify, I used 2 different file managers and neither could see any files on my microSD. So I removed the microSD and plugged it into my desktop and the angry birds file is there about 60MB but in a different file format than I was expecting. ""

    So, yes app to SD moves it to your external microSD card.

    I have yet to notice any lag, but I don't have a bunch of widgets loaded on it either. I also still have lots of internal storage left. I know both of these can also contribute to lag. I have been playing alot of HD video on it wirelessly using Plex and Dish Anywhere and it has not hiccuped once.
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