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[RELEASE]One Click Tool for Revo/Spectrum/Lucid

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  1. dexslab

    dexslab Member

    Here is a New one click tool i wrote up quickly just for the rooting and installation of CWM on the Revo/Spectrum and Lucid and more to come please i havent tested it so if you are brave enuff to test for me and let me kno please do lol


    LG Root

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated thanks

  2. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    i finally got around to trying this on my gf's LG Revolution V9.

    there was a lot of prep work that i had to do first.
    1- download and install the phone's drivers
    2- set USB mode to Internet
    3- set Debug mode to Enable
    4- run the EXE file as Administrator

    after all these prepped, i was able to Root, but not install CWM. the following is my log from trying to Root + CWM:

    afterwards, i tried to just install CWM, but i received a permissions error. i was able to confirm that Superuser was then installed, so Root went through.

    i then tried to follow another user's post to install ES File Manager and update the permission settings, but i couldn't get to the folder/file in question. the app would only let me go as far as the SDCard. i can use Astro File Manager to see this folder/file, but i wasn't able to apply any permission settings.

    my next thought was to download ROM Manager. with this, i selected LG Esteem to install the CWM Recovery, which it said it was successful. but i still can't boot into it.

    currently, the phone is stuck at the LG boot screen. i'll still be messing around to see what i can do.

    so i was able to fix the boot loop with the "LGNPST" program, and restored the phone back to stock V4 Froyo. then afterwards i upgraded it to stock V8 Gingerbread.

    but after doing this, i'm unable to root the phone anymore. from V4, i can root just fine tho. any thoughts?
  3. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    sorry for the double post, but this is just an update of what else i've come across. i've run into an issue with this phone after flashing a custom ROM, the SIM card will not be detected.

    long story from the start-
    the phone was originally on V9, and i used this guide to obtain root. but i received permission errors when trying to install CWM. so i tried another method to install CWM, and when i tried to boot into recovery, the phone went into a boot loop.

    then i used the LGNPST software to roll back the phone to V4. immediately from here i successfully rooted it and CWM installed. i flashed BrokenOutRevo 1.1 and 2.0, and GingerVolt 2.0, both of these ROMS did not detect the SIM card. i later found a topic that said you have to root from V7/V8 to have a working SIM card.

    back from scratch i went to V4, then used LGNPST to upgrade the phone straight to V8. from here, i couldn't root. the phone would not get detected by the computer. not sure where the issue was with this.

    back from scratch again, started at V4, upgraded to V6, then to V7. i tried rooting and CWM here, and it was successful. but i received the same results when flashing a custom ROM- no working SIM card.

    [edit] so right now, the phone is on rooted stock with a working SIM card.

    any ideas?
  4. dexslab

    dexslab Member

    ll im not sure i had tested this extensivly on V7 not V8. A few members on XDA had tested it on higher versions. The permission error is due to it doin adb remount which since the root isnt actually in the kernel, like after you do the exploit to gain root hence y i does not work. I have been meaning to update that part of the code to get it to work but, havent made it that far as all my attention is on the ADB Console im making. I will try to update now if i can lol it will be uploaded in a few.


    http://flashingacademy.com/LG Root.rar
  5. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    cool. i'm wondering if i should unroot now, upgrade to V8, then try rooting again to see if the ROMs will finally detect the SIM card.

    but then using stock rooted isn't too bad. i'm just lazy and don't want to handle all the system configurations myself.
  6. dexslab

    dexslab Member

    Well if u upgrade you wont have to worry about unrooting and im not sure about the sim card i have never had that problem on a revo b4 but i also dont use them on VZW
  7. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    i can upgrade to official V8 without unrooting?

    i thought when doing the upgrade thru LGNPST that it either unroots it for you, or won't do it.
  8. dexslab

    dexslab Member

    just do an ota unless you are on a non stock rom then you need to flash back to stock and ota or just .tot to v8
  9. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    Thought this was suppose to simplify the process? In each section you've posted this thing the batch and shell scripts work just as good if not better by going by the posted feedback. ;)

    I was always told not to over think things!!! ;)
  10. Dwitm

    Dwitm Well-Known Member

    Can i root v8

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