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  1. rangerdave

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    Hey guys, newbie here to the forums, I have a problem that I'm hoping someone can help me with?
    I have recently bought a Nitesite NS200 for hunting and nature watching at night, it has an IR camera and lamp that makes it possible to see out to 200 yards in complete darkness.
    I also have a Galaxy S3 which is great, and I would love to able to view/record (in real time) what the IR camera sees on the S3.
    The camera has its own 12v battery power supply and an AV out, a 3.5mm 4 pole female socket (just like the headphone socket in the S3, which is 3 pole)
    App wise, I know there are a few out there that can stream and record video wirelessly, like the one for the Parrot AR Drone (although I'm not sure if it actually records on the phone or to the SD card on the drone) and have had very little success sourcing a small mobile wireless video sender that works with Android.
    I have also looked at wireless CCTV cameras, but do not have the tech know how to get involved in taking one apart and retrofitting it to the Nitesite camera (which would also revoke my warrantee)
    What I would love is a small plug and play settup that streams right to an app on my S3, which would have a similar or same layout as the stock camera app, where I can use the touch screen to take a pic or video.
    Have also tried to wire them together, but the S3 doesn't recognize it!
    I would be most grateful for any help or push in the right direction!
    All the best from the UK :)

  2. rangerdave

    rangerdave New Member

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