Remote PC Application that streams audio?

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  1. Automatik

    Automatik Active Member

    Hey, I have the paid application PhoneMyPC and it's truly great. It does everything that it claims to do really well. The only thing that is lacking is the streaming of audio. Is there an app similar to PhoneMyPC that streams audio as well as video? Is this even possible? Thanks

  2. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    It's "possible", I just haven't seen an app for the DROID that can do it. And if it utilizes Windows' RDP ... it's not exactly going to be flawless streaming audio. Not on a 3G connection anyway.
  3. Flahusky

    Flahusky Well-Known Member

    Someone mentioned orb in an identical thread to this. Not sure how it worked out but that might be an idea.
  4. jkreps

    jkreps Member

    gmote streams audio pc to phone.
  5. skyline987

    skyline987 Well-Known Member

    Yes Gmote works to stream music from your home PC either over WiFi or over the cell connection following these directions Gmote
  6. darreno1

    darreno1 Well-Known Member

    Orb works great for audio. Haven't tried streaming video yet.
  7. pjdebruin

    pjdebruin New Member

    PocketAudio (from does exactly what you want.
    It installs a virtual audio card (driver) on your PC or Mac, which streams all pc/mac sound to the PocketAudio App on your Android device.

    The app is not free but inexpensive.

    The app has to run in the foreground, alas; as soon as you select another app the sound stops.

    The driver puts some burden on your pc processor: it has to re-encode all audio.

    Don't know about the bitrate, you can't set it. On my aging Pentium 4 machine, audio quality is a bit less than playing HQ native music on the android device. Might be 96K or 128K.

    There is a delay of about 2 seconds.
  8. pjdebruin

    pjdebruin New Member

    'SoundWire' is much better than PocketAudio.
    It doesn't have to run in the foreground.
    Quality is 192K, without interruptions.
    Many settings, such as buffer size.
    Payment is optional.

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