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Remote printing with a twist

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  1. Mjobie12

    Mjobie12 Member

    Is it possible to print (documents, pdfs, pictures, gmail, etc) remotely via android phone to a networked printer? I have seen a few apps that do this but I am looking for a way to remotely print over the internet or by ip address without having a computer turned on. So, direct printing (no wifi or bluetooth) through a networked printer without going through a pc.

  2. Smabbage

    Smabbage Well-Known Member

    I use Printershare. It works a treat. Try the free version but you won't be sorry spending $5.00 for the key to unlock the full version.

  3. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    How would it send print jobs to the printer with these restrictions? You'd need a print server that's externally accessible. The internal IP is irrelevant if you're accessing it from the internet.
  4. Mjobie12

    Mjobie12 Member

    I have a network with a router. My printer is an HP Officejet 7310 which I understand it to have a print server built in (it has a network port). I also have a Netgear Print Server PS101. I know it is possible to do a remote connection through a desktop, but is it possible to bypass the computer and access just the printer on the network?
  5. Smabbage

    Smabbage Well-Known Member

    If the printer is assigned a IP on the network, yes. I have a Brother 2170W which connects to my router wirelessly. The router assigns the printer a IP address on the network and I can print to it from my phone without the computer on. The program Printershare facilitates this. Again this only works if you have a network printer.
  6. Mjobie12

    Mjobie12 Member

    I've tried using printershare. It will only allow the option to print when a computer is turned on connected to the same network. If the computer is shut off, no printing occurs. As soon as the computer with the printershare desktop software is turned on, it starts printing.

    Explain to me how you are able to print without having your computer on.
  7. mrspeedmaster

    mrspeedmaster Well-Known Member

    I assume he is using the paid version that doesn't require print server app running on the computer. Also, there may be limitations depending on the specific printer.
  8. mclemme

    mclemme Active Member

    You can save the money on PrinterShare and use Dropbox + a PC.

    If you want to avoid a PC altogether, you could take a look at HP's new printers, which have email addresses you can mail documents to.

    Edit: I don't know if your particular printer model has an email address or if it can get one via. a firmware upgrade. If not you would ofc. need a new printer :/
  9. Smabbage

    Smabbage Well-Known Member

    mrspeedmaster is correct. I am using the paid version. My printer, a Brother 2170W has wireless capabilities so I set it up on the network. The router assigns it a IP address. Now I connect my phone to the same network and run printershare. In printershare's menu you select "Nearby Printers." It should see your wireless printer. Select it, pick a document to print and fire away. Works like a champ. I didn't think about this being restricted to the paid version but it makes sense. Sorry about that.
  10. rsash7moble

    rsash7moble New Member

    i have bought the d-link wierless wi-fi router and the h/p d 110a printer with wi-fi. it allows me to print off my e-mail on the android phone with printshare moble app not the free one. this work pefect in my semi..but if my router was plug into the internet the printer has it's own e-mail adress with e-share from h/p
  11. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Well-Known Member

    Hey Chip,

    You do realize that you replied to a thread that is over two years old, don't you?

  12. gtbarry

    gtbarry Well-Known Member

  13. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Well-Known Member

    Guys, pay attention.

    You are replying to a thread that is over two years old.

  14. jonbanjo

    jonbanjo Well-Known Member

    I think one could look at printing 3 ways.

    One would involve what I'd call direct printing. There may be wi-fi involved but the basic idea is the app communicates directly with the printer. I'd think the sheer number of printers and drivers makes this difficult unless one has a postscript or pcl printer (where a solution like Let's Print Droid may work) outside proprietary apps, eg. Epson's own print solution.

    The second involves using existing print server solutions such as ipp and cups. In these cases, drivers need not be an issue as it is the server that handles this. This approach may work for those with existing (or perhaps planning on) LANs with existing print sharing services but is possibly a step further than "your average user" wants to go.

    I'd suggest the third is using cloud services such as Google print where you give your document to a 3rd party. Probably fine for many and again can overcome the possible problems with the first solution. The question marks are really whether you want to be (or perhaps in some cases even can legally) be transmitting your documents in this way.

    No really right or wrong way but really different approaches and methods for different people and needs.

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