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RemoteZap! the VLC Remote to watch TV Series

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  1. minoli123

    minoli123 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Feb 28, 2012
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    I recommend this new application RemoteZap! for those follows American TV series like me and want to organize your archive files and renaming files automatically on your PC sub.
    Mostly it is a remote control for VLC, but allows you to organize your video files so they are always available and watch them with a simple click. This is currently available for Android with Windows servers. With just a few steps you can search series on Internet and download the names of the series and episodes. Then you just attach the video file to the episode and you're done, the file is moved and renamed automatically with the name of the episode and series. On your smartphone or tablet you have been all series ordered and you can start playing with a simple tap. Also supported are multiple warning on the PC. E 'can also organize other media files and have a list of favorite folders to browse directly from your smartphone.



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