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remove ads from the galaxy note running new ICS

  1. redmstng2000

    redmstng2000 Member

    I use the textfree/pinger app for texting over wifi as I don't have cell service at my house. Before my note updated to the ICS, I used AdFree and it removed the apps from the bottom of the app.... now that my phone updated, AdFree won't remove the ads on that app.... I downloaded AdAway and it won't remove them either. . . my phone is rooted and I don't know why its not removing them. It's removed them from like angry birds and the browser, just not my Textfree app....I'm kinda new to all this stuff, and would appreciate some step by step advice. The ads are verrrrrrry annoying!!


  2. Talderon

    Talderon Well-Known Member

    After you installed and ran AdFree, did you reboot? If not, then try that. The dns for the ads may be cached.
  3. redmstng2000

    redmstng2000 Member

    By rebooting, all I have to do is turn off and then back on, correct? I did that multiple times.... Or is there a different way to reboot that I don't know?


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