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remove default apps on Samsung corby i5500 (android 2.1)General (Browse All)

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  1. santipalenque

    santipalenque New Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 18, 2010
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    Hi there,
    i recently bought this smartphone and wondered if there is any way to remove some default apps without messing up everything...
    i read somewhere that i must have root access to do so.. but have no idea how to achieve that. As far as i could get was accessing a list of all apps installed (downloaded and default) but only being able to clear cache on default ones. I hope that if i login as root maybe i have an option for uninstalling these apps (as i have on downloaded ones)
    If anyone has any idea of how can i remove these apps or login as root user please tel me!!



  2. subpsyke

    subpsyke Member

    Mar 8, 2011
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    Use Universal Androot to root the phone: [APP] [ROOT] 1-click root for N1 (Latest ver: 1.6.2 beta 5) - xda-developers
    Use Titanium Backup (from the Market) to remove applications.

    Note: rooting and removing default apps may cause your phone to become unbootable or void your warranty. Although I run a rooted phone (and custom firmware), I would urge you to do some research before proceeding.

    Edit: bloody hell, I didn't notice the date of the OP. Sorry for the necromancy ;)

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