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  1. altaknife

    altaknife Member

    I'n using Pdanet to tether. After a few connections an Icon appeared on the home screen. I imagine that's normal, but now I have 3 identical Icons on the home screen.Only one seems to work. How do I get ri of the 2 duplicates?

  2. altaknife

    altaknife Member

    Wow. No one can help? Now I have 2 settings Icons on the home screen.
  3. PhoneMatt

    PhoneMatt Well-Known Member

    These are the instructions that I've always followed. Seems to work for me. (I forgot who I got the instructions from, but the thanks goes to them.)

    To get rid of an icon on your home screen, just press and hold the icon. The dock is replaced by a trash can. Drag the icon to the trash.
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  4. Trickster8

    Trickster8 New Member

    Thanks. Worked great.

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