REMOVE facebook bdays from my calendar?!?!?!

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  1. fitpays

    fitpays New Member

    I did several searches for this, all to no avail. When I open the calendar, it displays an event for every single day because I have so many friends in my facebook. It is all their birthdays. I really do not need that in there and it is killing my efficiency with my calendar use. I tried to deselect it on the calendar option but it is not selected in the first place.

    Please help me with this. I like having the facebook synch to the phone for my contacts pics etc, but I don't need ANY of it in my calendar. If I can not get this situated, I will have to look for another calendar/planner app.

    Thanks folks!

  2. mwclark6

    mwclark6 Member

    open calendar. menu>more>calendars>uncheck facebook

    you could also hit menu>add calendars at this point too
  3. fitpays

    fitpays New Member

    So bad news, I am home from work sick. Good news, plenty of time to play with the phone. Tried "touch calendar" app and it did the same thing. It imported everything from facebook. I uninstalled that, and then went into the regular calendar. I was able to delete on of the bdays, but no option for everything. I changed the view to "list" and then was able to delete EVERYTHING. Not sure how this will pan out in terms of people adding events etc. on facebook, but honestly if I must, I will periodically delete everything and add my dates back in after. Not very efficient for a device that "does" everything.
  4. fitpays

    fitpays New Member

    tried that. facebook was not checked, yet all the facebook crap was in there anyway. I even checked it, then unchecked it.

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